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Clearly, Judge Austin dedicated her life to SERVICE,
a theme she highlighted in her gracious remarks in which
she humbly described herself as a career public servant.
Emphasizing the importance of not only serving others, but also
lifting and empowering them, Judge Austin made reference to
the inspiring Gilbert Young painting "He Ain't Heavy" (featured
on our cover), which is a perfect representation of Judge Austin's

We can
show your
clients the
way to

lifetime body of work. This powerful painting, "the longest
selling, most recognized work of art in black history,"* also
serves as a metaphor for the mission of the MBA, which is
working harder than ever to extend its reach to those most in


Judge Austin, the first female African-American on the
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, is also an
essential, founding member of the MBA's Diversity Committee
and continues to be instrumental in advancing the Bar's
diversity efforts with her guidance, perspective, mentorship, and
quiet but passionate leadership. In 2017, the MBA honored her
for her dedication to diversity in the practice of law, particularly
spotlighting her efforts with the committee's Robert E. Slota,
Jr., Summer 1L Diversity Program. Prior to taking the bench,
Judge Austin exercised her compassion and leadership through
a myriad of impressive roles, which included serving her clients
in the areas of elder law, criminal defense and estate resolution;
serving as Assistant Solicitor and Assistant District Attorney
for Montgomery County; and serving in the U.S. Navy, from
which she retired as a Captain in 2004 after 24 years of active
and reserve duty.

Joining the excited crowd of 600+ attendees, the following
MBA members were proud to celebrate the accomplishments
of Judge Austin and her fellow award recipients: The Honorable
Garrett Page; The Honorable Wendy Rothstein; The Honorable
Richard Haaz; MBA President Patrick J. Kurtas, Esq.; MBA
Treasurer Justin Bayer, Esq.; Jimmy Chong, Esq., Co-Chair of
the MBA Diversity Committee; Lauren Hughes, Esq., CoChair of the MBA Diversity Committee; Evelyn Devine, Esq.,
Vice-Chair of the MBA Diversity Committee; Marilou Watson,
Esq., MBA Director; Ronald Kolla, Esq., MBA Diversity
Committee member; and Nancy O. Walsh, tbdNOW, Diversity
Committee Consultant. The Honorable Wendy G. Rothstein
echoed the sentiments of all MBA attendees as she stated she
"was delighted to support her colleague at such a remarkable
*As noted on the artist's website

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