SIDEBAR Spring 2020 - 19


The Committee will also be hosting once again the Day in
Court and Teach Law events in 2020 and is currently in the
process of completing the schedule of speakers. The Committee
is grateful to member Lauren Hughes who spearheads this wellreceived program, taking students through the criminal court
process. Approximately 35 6th grade boys from Elkins Park
Leadership Academy and approximately 40 7th through 9th
grade boys and girls from North Penn will be participating in
the program on May 8th. Students will be observing in Judge
Austin's courtroom, listening to various speakers throughout
the morning, and gathering for lunch (courtesy of the Diversity
Committee) to talk about what they've learned. The follow-up
Teach Law program, through which students are taught lessons
about the practice of law, will take place in the fall. Please be on
the lookout for requests for volunteers coming soon.
A special thanks to MBA President Patrick J. Kurtas, under
whose direction our Committee has grown. President Kurtas
participates in each Committee meeting, has increased the
committee budget and is influential in bringing diversity-related
issues to the Board.
As the year quickly progresses, the Committee wishes to
remind you to keep October 7, 2020 open for PBA's Minority
Bar Conference Diversity Summit, which the Diversity
Committee is excited to have been asked to help plan. This
year for the first time the PBA is hosting this Conference in
Montgomery County at the Doubletree Hotel, Plymouth
Meeting, due in part to the work and growth of this committee.
Diversity Committee Vice-Chair Evelyn Devine, who has
attended previous Summits, provides this description of what
Summit attendees can expect:
The Summit is a must-attend for those who are committed to
bridging the gap and advancing diverse and inclusive workplaces.
It will provide a practical tool kit for law firms' leaders who are
committed to developing a diverse staff and need the basics on
how to accomplish it. These same leaders will be enlightened by
the definition of unconscious biases and discussions about how
they can lose their most talented diverse attorneys if their firms are
not committed to the mission. Young and seasoned attorneys alike
will learn from exceptional speakers across the state on career
advancement with practical tips on how to deal with implicit
biases and other impediments to career and firm growth.

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Please consider joining us this year, whether as a member of
our Committee, participant in a one-time event, or as a financial
sponsor of our 1L Program. If, as is the case for many of us,
the year passes by despite the best intentions to be involved,
join the MBA and PBA on October 7th at PBA's Minority Bar
Conference right here in the County to show your support of this
essential cause.

As the MBA Diversity Committee moves forward in 2020,
it is noteworthy that many of its goals and initiatives mirror
those of the PBA. The joint goals are to identify and promote
opportunities for diversity and inclusion, both within the legal
profession and in the broader community through efforts such
as educational programs, mentorships, and service. As is evident
from the MBA programs this year, diversity and inclusion extends
beyond just the current legal community, to aspiring lawyers and
even to very young students, because diversity and inclusion in
our legal system begins in the community at-large.

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