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Annual Ski Trip
By Kenneth E. Picardi, Esq.


he 51st Montgomery Bar
Association ski trip to the
Poconos took place on February
10, 2020, at Blue Mountain Ski
Resort, just 60 miles from Norristown.
Ordinarily, February brings snow, cold temperatures, and ski
trails that thrill those gutsy and agile enough to tackle the
treacherous winter terrain. However, this "winter" has been
anything but ordinary. Blame global warming, if you like, but
this has been the winter that wasn't.

For days before this adventure, most of those thinking of
attending were regularly checking the weather forecast and/or
the Blue Mountain ski report. Those reports did not bode well
for skiers. High temperatures and predicted rain were paralyzing.
But that is all we got from the Weather Channel and Weather
Bug. Alas, it is no surprise that a number of folks opted for a
"rain check" and stayed home. . . or. . . put on their business suit
(rather than a snowsuit) and logged some billable hours instead.
But this group of MBA members has a titanium core (Joe
and Trish Lynch) and a few others who refused to give up on
Mother Nature, and they were rewarded. It was uplifting to see
lawyers, family members, and friends, a dozen in all, including
Mike Dunn, John Howland, Joe Lynch, Sam Millinghausen,
and Kenn Picardi, enter the Grand Lodge early on that balmy
Monday morning. The rain held off, the grooming machines
had run all night, and the ski conditions were remarkably good.

Per usual, many wasted no time in speeding for the Black
Diamond trails. Intending to strike fear in the hearts of all but
truly insane skiers, these trails are aptly named: Razor's Edge,
Nightmare, the Chute, and Widow Maker. Spoiler alert, we all
lived to tell about it. With very few other skiers out that day,
there were no lift lines, and we got in a full day of skiing in half
the time.
But there's more - the true fellowship, camaraderie, and
fun happened at 1:00 p.m. when the ski boots came off, the
wine corks were popped, and cheese, meat, bread, crackers, and
fruit were elegantly spread before us. DiBruno
Brothers gets the credit for these culinary
provisions, but it is, again, Joe and Trish Lynch
who are responsible for the hunting, gathering,
and dispensing of these well-earned treats. I'd be
remiss if I did not mention that there were also
vegan cheeses and a forsythia arrangement that
did not have to be force-bloomed this year (see
what I did there with the reference back to the
mild winter we've had thus far?).
As our hunger subsided and our lips loosened
from the wine, our chairs drew closer to one
another, and we shared the stories of our lives over
the past year. While all had uplifting and happy
things to express, some had tragically sad events
that needed to be shared. After all, life is like a rose which, for
all its beauty, sadly comes with thorns. At times like this, we are
grateful for those who share, those who listen, and those who
help us to carry on.
About then, the clouds let loose, and rain fell heavily.
Searching for a silver lining, I realized that now the ski boots
would stay off, and our comfy shoes would stay on. We took a
group photo, and agreed to make this event a calendar priority
next year. It is most certainly a fun, humbling, gratifying,
unifying, and delicious experience. We look forward to seeing
the same folks next year, and hope to be joined by a dozen
or so other members, friends, or family. Open to beginners
and experts alike, it will do your body and soul good to ski
and socialize with this group of MBA loyalists. Plan ahead -
February 8, 2021.

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