SIDEBAR Spring 2020 - 4



Patrick J. Kurtas, Esq.
Montgomery Bar Association
Incoming 2020 President


Monday thru Friday
8:45 AM - 4:45 PM
100 West Airy Street
P.O. Box 268,
Norristown, PA 19404-0268
Phone: 610-279-9660
Fax: 610-279-4321 & 610-279-4846

pring is in the air, and that can only mean that the sections and committees
of the Montgomery Bar Association are ramping up their efforts to provide
worthwhile programing and initiatives for the benefit of our membership.
Although there are many projects in development, including the Diversity Committee's
1L Summer Internship program and the state-wide Diversity Summit (to be held
here in Montgomery County*) we are planning in conjunction with the Pennsylvania
Bar Association for October, the Leadership 2.0 program, and a variety of CLE
programming, I am hopeful that our membership has taken notice that the MBA's
Women in the Law Committee has launched a timely, unique, and worthy initiative
entitled the "19th Amendment Project: Women Who Inspire Us." This initiative asks
that our members, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment
granting women the right to vote, recognize a woman who has served as a source of
inspiration to them. I would be incredibly pleased if our members would embrace this
initiative and seize the opportunity to recognize the many women who have been a
source of strength and inspiration to all of us. Montgomery County has been so very
blessed with so many elite and talented women who have pioneered great causes, and
time and time again demonstrated that women are equally capable as men at whatever
the task. Many of these women attained these achievements despite facing even greater
challenges and obstacles than their male counterparts. So please join me in participating
in this tremendous initiative and let us celebrate and share the tremendous stories that we
all have of inspirational women.
Before I identify the first of whom will be several women who have inspired me,
allow me to provide a bit more background. This is, of course, the Diversity Issue of the
SIDEBAR. Subject to appropriate literary standards and licenses, the bar association
can generally place whatever image it desires on the cover of the publication. That
explanation alone, however, would be woefully insufficient in educating our membership
as to why this edition's particular cover was chosen. "He Ain't Heavy" is widely
recognized as the most celebrated and well-known work of African American art. How
I came to understand and appreciate the significance and meaning of this creation of
artist Gilbert Young, is through the eyes and experience of our very own, the Honorable
Cheryl Lynne Austin. During eloquent remarks before the Barristers' of Philadelphia,
who recognized her with the Justice Juanita Stout Woman of Distinction Award on Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day earlier this year, Judge Austin shared the fact that she found
profound inspiration in this particular work of art as she often gazed at it before she
prepared to humbly go out to engage in the challenge and honor of bestowing justice
on those in our county. In her meaningful remarks, Judge Austin was sure to recognize
those strong men and women who reached back to help her achieve and overcome

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