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during her life. Using this work of art as a metaphor, she subtly
reminded everyone in attendance to recognize that as attorneys,
we have been blessed with great skills and talents, and asked that
we collectively and individually consider whether we can give
more of ourselves and to help others who are less fortunate than
us. The message, although quite simple and straightforward, was
nonetheless both timely and profound.
The notion of reaching down and reaching out to help
others to assist them in getting to the next level or to surpass
or overcome a particular hurdle or obstacle, is something for
which we should all strive regardless of any differences, real or
perceived. Now, more than ever, with the onset of the COVID-19
pandemic, and the unprecedented effect it is taking on our
economy and our way of life, there are going to be many people
who need vital assistance. Those of us who are strong must
sincerely and genuinely strive to use our talents to be of assistance
to those who need our help the most.
I have had the great
honor and fortune of seeing
Judge Austin utilize her
talents and experiences
to motivate, encourage
and inspire a multitude of
individuals, including: the
hundreds of students she has
instructed in the Liberty and
Law program; the nearly one
hundred students who have
engaged in our Diversity 1L
program, for which she has
served as a vital component
since its inception; our
own Leadership Academy
members, who have
routinely benefited from
her words of wisdom; and now all of those in attendance at this
year's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day breakfast. For this reason,
and for the surely countless other selfless acts that I have not
witnessed in person, I am so very pleased to recognize the Hon.
Cheryl Lynne Austin in conjunction with our Women in the Law
Committee's 19th Amendment Project.
And so, in the same manner that Judge Austin has served as
a source of inspiration to so many, including me, I am hopeful
that I can use this forum to perhaps spread her message just a bit
further, and we can collectively galvanize our strength, and refocus
our efforts, to help those that need our help the most. I wish all
of our members health and safety. Please stay strong during this
challenging time, as we will need your strength and talents now
more than ever.
*This event may move to an online format due to the coronavirus
pandemic, but will still feature speakers from the MBA.


Representation,	consultation	and	expert	testimony	in
disciplinary	matters	and	matters	involving	ethical	issues,
bar	admissions	and	the	Rules	of	Professional	Conduct

James C. Schwartzman, Esq.

*	 Judge,	Court	of	Judicial	Discipline
*	 Former	Chairman,	Judicial	Conduct	Board	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Disciplinary	Board	of	the	Supreme	Court	of	
*	 Former	Chairman,	Continuing	Legal	Education	Board	of	the	
Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania	Interest	on	
Lawyers	Trust	Account	Board
*	 Former	Federal	Prosecutor
*	 Selected	by	his	peers	as	one	of	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	PA	
and	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	Philadelphia
*	 Named	by	his	peers	as	Best Lawyers in America	2015	
Philadelphia	Ethics	and	Professional	Responsibility	Law	
"Lawyer	of	the	Year,"	and	in	Plaintiffs	and	Defendants	Legal	
Malpractice	Law
1818 Market Street, 29th Floor * Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 751-2863

Karel Minor
President and CEO



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