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Representation,	consultation	and	expert	testimony	in
disciplinary	matters	and	matters	involving	ethical	issues,
bar	admissions	and	the	Rules	of	Professional	Conduct

James C. Schwartzman, Esq.

faced by residents and providers on a daily basis. Attendees
were now armed with broadened perspectives, and thus
ready to jump into the second part of the Summit.
After a short break, participants broke into small
workgroups (4-6 people each, representing a diversity of
constituents), and were asked to discuss various questions,
identify gaps in and barriers to service, and explore ideas and
solutions to address them. Ms. Browning kept the groups
focused and engaged, while encouraging creativity and
innovation. The room buzzed with energy, as individuals
who had not previously interacted discovered opportunities
for rich collaboration.
The level of discourse in the room suggested that these
conversations could have continued far beyond the time
allotted, but Ms. Browning maintained a strict timeline,
respectful of the participants' busy schedules. Still humming
with ideas, the entire group came back together to debrief.
The insights, shared by the group and compiled by
Browning, were indicative of the depth of experience of
those in the room.

*	 Chairman,	Judicial	Conduct	Board	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Disciplinary	Board	of	the	Supreme	
Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Continuing	Legal	Education	Board	
of	the	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania	
Interest	on	Lawyers	Trust	Account	Board
*	 Former	Federal	Prosecutor
*	 Selected	by	his	peers	as	one	of	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	
in	PA	and	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	Philadelphia
*	 Named	by	his	peers	as	Best Lawyers in America	2015	
Philadelphia	Ethics	and	Professional	Responsibility	Law	
"Lawyer	of	the	Year,"	and	in	Plaintiffs	and	Defendants	
Legal	Malpractice	Law
1818 Market Street, 29th Floor * Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 751-2863

The spectrum of ideas was broad, ranging from the specific
and practical to the far-reaching and aspirational. Most
of the suggested approaches to address gaps and barriers
could be categorized into one of four focuses: Improving
Community Outreach, Communication, and Education;
Improving Collaboration; Improving and Simplifying the
Process; and Improving Access to Resources. As ideas were
shared, participants gained deeper understanding of both the
common and unique challenges faced by their colleagues and
their respective clients; and this enhanced perspective will be
an invaluable tool in the important work they do.
Although the Summit was deemed a success by all
involved, it was just the first step of what will be a long and
challenging journey. Ms. Smith noted:
I was impressed and encouraged by the breadth of
resources this community has to offer, but also shocked by
the gaps in legal services that continue to exist for large
segments of the population. I believe that the Montgomery
Bar Association and Montgomery Bar Foundation can be
leaders in bringing non-profit service providers together so
opportunities for cooperation, education, and new ways
of delivering legal services can be developed to narrow
those gaps.

The Bar Foundation has formed a focus group, comprised
of individuals representing a diverse range of perspectives and
experiences, to review the event's outcomes and establish next steps.
Participants of the Summit will move forward, emboldened by a
common mission, with the understanding that, in the words of
Nelson Mandela, "Action without vision is only passing time, vision
without action is merely daydreaming, but vision with action can
change the world." They, and all who serve justice in Montgomery
County, are poised to do just that.
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