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MEMBERS in the News
the results of an employee feedback survey
administered by WorkplaceDynamics,
LLC, a leading research firm that specializes
in organizational health and workplace
improvement. Several aspects of workplace
culture were measured, including
Alignment, Execution, and Connection,
just to name a few.
Michelle R. Portnoff and Kevin H.
Buraks of Portnoff Law Associates
presented two workshops at the 2017
Pennsylvania State Association of
Township Supervisors Annual Educational
Conference titled "Increase Revenue by
Maximizing Delinquent Collections."
Pennsylvania family law attorney Mary
Cushing Doherty, a partner at High
Swartz LLP and the chair of the firm's
family law practice, recently acted as one of
the Course Planners for the Pennsylvania
Bar Institute's Family Law Institute, held
April 19 and 20 at the CLE Conference
Center at the Wanamaker Building in
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel
LLP partner David L. Ladov was
named to the National Law Journal's list
of Divorce, Trust and Estates Trailblazers.
The award honors individuals who have
changed the practice in their respective
fields through innovative and exceptional
legal strategies.
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel
LLP partner Stephanie H.Winegrad
spoke about family law at Upper Dublin
High School. The child development
program consisted of videos, role-playing
exercises, homework assignments and an
interactive lecture on the topics of family
law, communication skills and marriage.
This is Ms. Winegrad's eighth year teaching
at the high school.


Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel
LLP attorney Gregory J. Eck presented
"The form I-9: what's new, tricky and
deceptively complex in this seemingly
simple form," at the Bux-Mont HR
Association. He discussed the details of the
revised I-9 form that employers must pay
close attention to and understand more
The Mayers Firm LLC is pleased to
announce that Ryan R. Kennedy
has joined the firm as an associate. Mr.
Kennedy will focus his practice in the
defense of significant personal injury
and property damage claims, insurance
coverage, insurance fraud, insurance bad
faith claims, and commercial litigation, as
well as the representation of the seriously
Brian O. Phillips has joined the
Montgomery County Solicitor's Office as
an Assistant Solicitor.
Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., has opened an
office at 516 DeKalb Pike in Norristown
to better serve Montgomery County family
law and real estate clients.
The law firm of O'Donnell, Weiss &
Mattei, P.C., is very pleased to announce
that Melissa A. Iacobucci has joined the
firm effective June 12, 2017. Ms. Iacobucci
focuses her practice on matters of family
law and litigation and she has handled
matters relating to personal injury and
criminal law.

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2017 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers*
Michael E. Bertin - Obermayer Rebmann
Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Melissa M. Boyd - High Swartz LLP
Mary Cushing Doherty - High Swartz LLP
Steven F. Fairlie - Fairlie & Lippy, P.C.
Gilbert P. High, Jr. - High Swartz LLP
David L. Ladov - Obermayer Rebmann
Maxwell & Hippel LLP
William J. Leonard - Obermayer Rebmann
Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Joseph B. Mayers - The Mayers Firm
Thomas D. Rees - High Swartz LLP
Joel D. Rosen - High Swartz LLP
Eric B. Smith - High Swartz LLP
Robert I.Whitelaw - Obermayer Rebmann
Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Stephanie H.Winegard - Obermayer
Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Levi F.Wolf - Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C.
2017 Pennsylvania Rising Stars*
Christina Cookson - The Mayers Firm
Kevin B. Cornish - High Swartz LLP
Elizabeth C. Early - High Swartz LLP
Samantha Evian - Obermayer Rebmann
Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Stephanie A. Henrick - High Swartz LLP
Julie J. Marburger - Wolf, Baldwin &
Associates, P.C.
Sireen Ivielle Tucker - High Swartz LLP
Jennifer J. Riley - The Law Offices of
Jennifer J. Riley
*As published by Philadelphia Magazine
and Pennsylvania Super Lawyers magazine.
Submissions included above were received from
members and member firms via the "Share Your
News" link on If you were
selected for this honor and would like your
name published in our next issue, please email

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