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"LASP is excited about being a part of this pilot project.
Free CLEs are hard to come by, so this is a great opportunity
for attorneys to earn credit while doing very fulfilling work,"
said Kesha James, LASP's Deputy Director for Advocacy
and Pro Bono Director. "LASP's volunteers gain valuable
experience from their pro bono work, so the credits are
merited. Since the program is based on hours of service, LASP
can provide CLE credits not just to volunteers who take cases,
but also volunteers who help with clinics, outreach, trainings
and intake. LASP is pleased to be able to reward hardworking
pro bono attorneys and to offer an incentive to engage new
Interested in finding out how you can tailor your pro bono
service to your interests AND get CLE credit at the same
time? Please contact Kesha James at 610-275-5400 x131 or, or Michael E. Kelley, Managing Attorney
for LASP's Norristown office, at 610-275-5400 x125 or

Emeritus status for retired attorneys
to provide pro bono service
Are you a retired attorney with some time to give back?
You can now apply for emeritus attorney license status to do
pro bono work on behalf of those in need! In May 2018, the
PA Supreme Court adopted Pennsylvania Rule of Disciplinary
Enforcement 403, which creates an emeritus status for retired
attorneys and enables them to provide pro bono services to
Legal Aid of Southeastern PA and other nonprofit legal aid
"There is a significant gap between the need for pro bono
legal services for the most vulnerable and the availability
of those services in the community," Disciplinary Board
Chair Doug Leonard said. "Creating this opportunity
for retired attorneys will provide a valuable service while
bolstering our efforts to provide access to justice for all."
Attorneys seeking emeritus status must be retired and
complete six hours of continuing legal education within
one year prior to applying for the program. Those
accepted into the program must fulfill continuing legal
education requirements including six hours of substantive
law, practice and procedure and two hours of ethics,
professionalism or substance abuse.
Full details on the program, including annual renewal,
CLE credit requirements and more, are available at:
(scroll to Emeritus Attorneys section). For more
information on emeritus status, call 717-231-3380 or


Representation,	consultation	and	expert	testimony	in
disciplinary	matters	and	matters	involving	ethical	issues,
bar	admissions	and	the	Rules	of	Professional	Conduct

James C. Schwartzman, Esq.

*	 Judge,	Court	of	Judicial	Discipline
*	 Former	Chairman,	Judicial	Conduct	Board	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Disciplinary	Board	of	the	Supreme	Court	of	
*	 Former	Chairman,	Continuing	Legal	Education	Board	of	the	
Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania	Interest	on	
Lawyers	Trust	Account	Board
*	 Former	Federal	Prosecutor
*	 Selected	by	his	peers	as	one	of	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	PA	
and	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	Philadelphia
*	 Named	by	his	peers	as	Best Lawyers in America	2015	
Philadelphia	Ethics	and	Professional	Responsibility	Law	
"Lawyer	of	the	Year,"	and	in	Plaintiffs	and	Defendants	Legal	
Malpractice	Law
1818 Market Street, 29th Floor * Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 751-2863

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