SIDEBAR Summer 2021 - 12

Trial Lawyers
Section Update
By Robert H. Nemeroff, Esq., Chair, Trial Lawyers Section
n our ongoing effort to share invaluable insights and
" lessons learned " from the actual experiences of our more
seasoned trial lawyers in cases they have won and lost, the
Montgomery Bar Association Trial Lawyers Section continues
its monthly presentations of the fascinating and educational
" war stories " from a myriad of practice areas. Starting in
February of this year, we were captivated by the intriguing
saga of a medical malpractice case that was initially lost by
the plaintiff in front of a Montgomery County jury, only to
be appealed and tried a second time successfully. The Zoom
presentation made by Robert F. Morris, Esq., and Seth D.
Wilson, Esq., complete with reenactments, provided us with a
window into their analyses of which strategies were successful
and unsuccessful.
For the March Zoom presentation, we shifted gears and
obtained a dual perspective from the bench and counsel of
injunction hearings in commercial disputes. The Honorable
Mark A. Kearney and The Honorable Thomas Rueter provided
the view from the Bench, while Thomas J. Elliott, Esq., shared
his perspective as the advocate. The interplay among the
speakers was insightful and poignant.
In April, the focus shifted to the successful defense of a
Dragonetti claim by Paul C. Troy, Esq., and the representation
of plaintiffs in a variety of personal injury actions by The
Honorable Richard P. Haaz during his days as a practicing
attorney. Both men imparted their wisdom and their
willingness to learn from shared experiences. While the
pandemic was beginning to wane, we adhered to the remote
presentations so as not to lose any continuity while respecting
everyone's health and safety.
The Memorial Day weekend was preceded by a compelling
presentation by Derek R. Layser, Esq., and Melissa Paris
Miller, Esq., concerning the death of a 6-year-old boy who
ingested a small icing tube cap which resulted in his death.
This tragic incident resulted in both a medical malpractice
and separate products liability case being brought and resolved
successfully. The strategic issues and concerns were only
exceeded by the overriding emotional reactions of all involved.
We are hopeful that the June presentation will be our final
Zoom presentation, with in-person presentations resuming in
September. Marc Robert Steinberg, Esq., Matthew Quigg,
Esq., and The Honorable William R. Carpenter will impart
their unique views and experiences arising from a case lost
involving an 8-year-old child who was raped by her father, and
a case won involving a 14-year-old victim of aggravated assault
by vehicle.
Following the June presentation, there will be a hiatus for
July and August. Presentations will resume in September,
October, and November. It is anticipated that the final
presentation of this year-long series in November will be a
joint presentation at the annual Expo with the Real Estate
section. The Trial Lawyers Section will conclude the year in
December with our annual holiday party at which the Trial
Lawyer of the Year will be announced. Thank you one and all
to our many speakers, our officers, and to MBA CLE & Event
Coordinator Megan Ware for making it all work seamlessly.

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