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The PCMS Foundation - Opening a New Chapter of Generosity for PCMS

The PCMS Foundation
Opening a New Chapter
of Generosity for PCMS


ince its inception in 1849, the Philadelphia County
Medical Society (PCMS) has been a stalwart for excellence
in the practice of medicine and medical education. Its
mission has been and continues to be, to advocate for physicians
and their patients, and to promote the profession. PCMS
believes that this is best done by nurturing those in the early
stages of their medical career, and by promoting works in public
This year, PCMS has embarked on an exciting new path,
by establishing its own domestic nonprofit foundation -
the Philadelphia County Medical Society Foundation. The
foundation was created to foster charitable works and fund
scholarships for medical students from Philadelphia.

The foundation was established through an initial PCMS
loan of $15,000. The foundation consulted Marla Conley, Esq.,
an expert in non-profit organizations, to help in both its legal
establishment, and its state and IRS compliances. A board of
directors composed of PCMS members is working gratis for the
foundation. Everyone on the board has also made a significant
financial contribution to the foundation. PCMS staff members
Mark Austerberry and Eileen Ryan are assisting the foundation.
The PCMS Foundation is helping to make charity a new
legacy for the Philadelphia County Medical Society. The
foundation is urging PCMS members to make outright
contributions and gifts in kind. We are calling on our members
to give generously, in order to help medical students in our
county, and to support PCMS's commitment to continue our
167-year history of medical excellence.

24 Philadelphia Medicine : Spring 2017

Cash contributions may be sent to:
The Foundation
Philadelphia County Medical Society
2100 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia PA 19103
If you are considering a gift in kind - such as stocks,
collections, property, and bequeaths, kindly call:
Michael A. DellaVecchia MD PhD
Past President, Philadelphia County Medical Society
215-563-5343 ext. 103
Please note that, as a newly formed organization, the PCMS
Foundation has not yet received IRS confirmation of its taxexempt, public charity status, although the PCMS Foundation
will apply to the IRS for recognition of such status. If the
PCMS Foundation's application to the IRS is approved (and the
Foundation's legal advisors are not aware of any reason why the
application should not ultimately be so approved), all donations
the PCMS Foundation receives during the pendency of its
application will be deductible for federal income tax purposes as
charitable contributions to the fullest extent permitted by law.

thank you!


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