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How Does Someone Get Into Treatment?

Depending on insurance and the urgency for medical attention, there are different ways an individual can enter treatment.
Follow the steps below to determine how to get help.

If you are experiencing a true medical emergency,
seek help from the closest emergency room.
I have
health insurance.


Call the customer service number on the back
of your insurance card and tell them you are in
need of treatment.


Get a drug & alcohol assessment from a
qualified provider.


After your assessment you will receive a referral
determining what kind of care is necessary.


Act 106 of 1989 is a Pennsylvania law.
Under most group insurance plans in PA, you
are entitled to certain substance use treatment
benefits. For more information regarding
substance use services, visit the following

I am uninsured*,
under-insured, or on
Medical Assistance

For help during normal business hours
(Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), please report
to Treatment Access & Services Center (TASC)
for an evaluation and referral for treatment.
It is recommended to arrive by 8 a.m.

For immediate detoxification services during
evenings/weekends/holidays, please contact one of
the following places:
* Reading Hospital Drug & Alcohol Center
(484) 628-8186
* Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge
(844) 888-8085
*Must be a Berks County resident for minimum of 90 days.

Since 1972, the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) has served in a lead role, offering the resources
necessary to respond to the complex problems of substance abuse and addiction. Designated by the
County Commissioners as the Single County Authority (SCA) for Berks County, COCA is responsible for the
administration and management of publicly-funded alcohol, tobacco, and drug services. COCA is a non-profit
organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors reflective of the local community, and serves as the
coordinating agency for publicly supported drug and alcohol programming in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

11 http://www.COCABERKS.ORG

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