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hen you are in the marketing, magazine, and events world, you are always looking six
months ahead. My husband often tells me to " be more in the moment, " and I agree, but
it's not always that easy for a brain like mine. As the leaves start to change, my kids grow,
and we talk about generational changes, I have to continue to remind myself to slow down.
But let me tell you why I'm sprinting into the fall season - We are wrapping up our program year for
2021 with 3 more great events plus our annual signature event, the Evening of Empowerment. We are so
lucky to have Strother Gaines join us and hear his story and work on ourselves with him. This amazing
man is from Kentucky, had to hide that he was gay, and only when he tried drag for the first time did he
realize that he was a unicorn, dammit! Read more about him on page 6. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to
meet him in person.
This whole issue is about changes. Changing from generation to generation, the funny stumbling
blocks, how certain industries have changed (think date night box instead of date night out - on
page 30), and what we've learned from each other over time. As I read through these wonderful stories
and remembrances, I again say...Rachael slow down, you're going too fast. Savor the moments.
I hope that this issue gives you the 'pause' you need and reminds you to revel in your stories and
memories. Don't forget to pass them down! Slow it down this season before life takes over again.
Rachael Romig
Senior Director - Events & Special Programs
Women2Women | Family Business Alliance
Letter to the Editor
For the first time, we received a letter to the editor from a reader
who held a different viewpoint about our article " News Media
Bias - Your Guide to a Healthy News Diet. " We always value the
feedback, and were so happy to hear from her. Thank you,
Meg Archambault, for your viewpoints!
here is only one way to look
at things until someone shows
us how to look at them with
different eyes.
- Pablo Picasso
Correction to Summer Edition
On page 23, the recap of our De Mujer a Mujer award winners,
Erika De La Mora and Zylkia Rivera's photos were switched.
We can't apologize enough! This was immediately updated on
our digital edition and we'd like to feature them here again!
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