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8 Women2Women | Summer 2020

Do you and your husband have separate
workspaces at home?
Right now we're both sharing the dining room. I realized that he
likes to work in extreme quiet and that's the only time he can be
productive, while I can block everything out. I am hesitant to play
with Henry downstairs in the living room right now so I don't
bother him. I do chores around the house. I'm going to see if he'll
help me bring down our desk from the attic so I can set it up in
our guest bedroom, even though there's not a lot of space, but at
least then he can work in there, and not be bothered.
How do you care for Henry while you're
both working?
We looked at our schedules and the recurring meetings that we
had with our associated staffs. I have more Zoom meetings than
he does with the full staff. We decided that we would work halfdays each day to give each other a block of four to five hours of
unbroken work time. In the beginning we were just sort of doing
it all willy-nilly and neither of us was productive. We came up
with a really good system where I work some days in the morning
and he works some days in the morning. We care for Henry while
the other is working. We also have a schedule now based on when
we work on who puts him to bed and who wakes up with him.
How has the nature of your work changed?
We have both been working on weekends to get more done,
and we just to the point where we're comfortable seeing my mom.
She's been quarantining so that she can watch Henry a little bit.
She watched Henry for six hours yesterday and we both worked.
I work at night a lot, so I'm at the point where there is really no
off time. When he's napping, I'm checking emails. I don't feel as
productive at all. It's been very hard with a child around all
the time.
It sounds like there is no beginning or end to
your workday.
There's definitely no beginning and end anymore. It's whenever
I can get work done because I just don't have the time during the
day. I've explained that to a lot of people when they see my emails
coming through at 10 at night or on a Sunday. I've said to them,
"If you see it come through, please don't feel like you need to
answer me. That is just my work time now."
Have you learned anything new about yourself as a
result of this new working situation?
None of them are positive. It just reinforced the kind of person
I am. I'm definitely struggling being so secluded. I've never had
a normal workday. Sometimes there would be an event in the
morning or at night, lots of meetings, meeting people over lunch,
and just being very collaborative. I'm the person that walks
around the halls and just says hi to everybody at lunch. I use the
word struggle because it just reinforced the kind of person that I
am. And it does make me think, if this is how it is for a lot longer,
am I going to be able to make it because I don't know. I don't
know how to live like this.
And even when we go into the yellow phase and daycare opens,
I don't even know if I'm comfortable sending Henry to daycare
yet. So now I'm just forcing myself to be at home longer because

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