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As a celebration of the diversity of
amazing women in Berks and Greater
Reading, Women2Women held the 3rd Annual
De Mujer a Mujer Awards Ceremony on June 10, 2021.
Three women were awarded recognition in various categories.
Meet Zylkia
Rivera, our
2021 Small
Business Owner
Award Recipient
Zylkia's nominator had this to say about
her: " In 2020 due to her hard work, she
surpassed Keller Williams' 2019 sales,
even in the midst of Covid. The Real
Estate industry was closed for in-person
transactions for about three months due to
Covid. Through this period, she continued
to work remotely and service her clients
and prepared the team for when Real
Estate was reopened.
The team's client base continues to grow
due to the excellent customer service
she provides. She is looking to grow the
team members this year. This year she
is on track to grow the team's revenue
by 33%. In the last two years, Zylkia
was able to assist over 100 families with
homeownership and to get the most
profit for her client when selling one of
their most valuable assets, their homes.
Zylkia served as a resource to individuals
who are considering a career in Real
Estate and to new agents as they learn the
Real Estate business. She also provided
education about the home buying process
to families and visited local schools to
provide guidance to students who are
contemplating opening their own business.
Prior to Covid, Zylkia volunteered at
various community events, served as MC
for health events for Latina women, served
as a mentor for a young Latina developing
as a Christian and participated in various
advisory groups. "
Zylkia's work through her position at
KW has been critical to her community,
congratulations and thank you for all
you do!
Meet Sanchita
our 2021 Young
Award Recipient
Sanchita's nominator had this to say about
her: " Sanchita is an 18-year-old High
School Senior who will be graduating
from Wilson High School Class of 2021.
She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and
plans to attend a university to pursue her
bachelor's degree in Finance and Computer
Science, and continue her passion for
academics, music, dance, and community
We are so proud of Sanchita, who recently
earned the Girl Scout Gold Award for her
project titled The EcoEco System. For this
project she created a bike attachment that
tracks the distance travelled during use
and communicates that data to her MyEco
app, which calculates how much carbon
emission is reduced. The app provides the
user with useful information regarding
climate change to make our community
more aware of this issue. After certain
levels of activity are reached, rewards
intended to promote local businesses
can be achieved. Sanchita's goal for this
project was to influence vehicle users to
reduce their usage due to an obtained
environmental awareness.
We are proud of Sanchita's Gold Award
project and volunteer activities. We believe
this has shaped her in countless ways,
through teaching the importance of using
her voice and being a valuable part of her
community. "
Sanchita is a wonderful young woman sure
to bring even more positive change to her
community in the future! Congratulations!
Meet Erika
De La Mora,
our 2021
Impact Award
Erika's nominator wrote: " Erika has a
passion for helping people. From her
years as a banker to now NHS Director
of Lending, Erika always keeps the best
interests of her clients in mind. Erika is
truly a go-getter with a can-do attitude.
She is always up to any challenge and her
performance is second to none. With her
performance, we as an agency are able
to carry out our mission of affordable
housing while creating new homeowners
and strengthening our communities.
In the 44 years of existence of
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater
Berks, no loan officer has achieved what
Erika has done. Winning the Million
Dollar Club recognition in 3 straight years
(2018, 2019 & 2020). "
Erika has helped over 500 families in our
community achieve their goal of home
ownership. We couldn't be happier to
present her with this much deserved award!
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