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As far as her favorite type of article within the magazine, Connie
said she cannot choose just one. She enjoys the diversity of articles,
and said there is something in each issue that piques her curiosity
and captures her interest.
She would, however, love to hear more stories about those "behind
the scenes" women-the ones who do not see themselves as leaders or
role models for others, but rather work in a quiet, yet powerful way to
get the job done. She believes that it's time for all the "worker-bees"
to be integrated into the W2W community!
Although she views herself as one of the fortunate people who
truly enjoys her work, Connie finds time to have fun and relax. She
loves traveling and has visited Hawaii, China, and the Caribbean,
several times. She loves spending time with her husband, children,
their spouses, and her three-year-old grandson Finn, and winds
down best by working out at the gym and sitting in the sun with
her favorite beach read.
Connie has been honored to work with several wonderful mentors,
but said that the one person who has contributed most to who she is
today is her mother, Dollie Bossler. Dollie is the salutatorian of her
class, a WWII veteran, and mother of four. Her wisdom and ability
to remain a strong, positive, kind, and caring individual in spite of
the adversity thrown her way during her 96 years is an inspiration
to all who know and love her.
"She truly is my hero," Connie said.

KAREN KLEIN, Fulcrum Information Resources
The sole proprietor of Fulcrum
Information Resources which
she started in 2005, Karen provides business research, technical
writing, and project management
services to clients in the advanced
manufacturing, pharmaceutical,
and related industries. She loves
the diverse nature of the projects
and working with businesses
around the globe.
Participating on the W2W
editorial committee allows her to
connect with like-minded women
Karen Klein with the rest of her
Penn State cheering section, husband
and flex her writing muscles,
Joe and daughter Kathryn
Karen explained. Since she works
by herself, she particularly enjoys
getting out of the office and brainstorming during the editorial meetings.
Karen enjoys reading about women who have overcome some type
of difficulty and are thriving, and would love to continue seeing more
stories that provide meaningful content. Sometimes, she said, it just
takes a kernel of an idea to blossom into a theme.
As for some of her favorite non-work interests, Karen first and
foremost cherishes spending time with her husband and daughter.

Participating on the W2W editorial committee allows
KAREN KLEIN to connect with like-minded women and
flex her writing muscles. Since she works by herself,
she particularly enjoys getting out of the office and
brainstorming during the editorial meetings.
She enjoys traveling, golf, hitting tennis balls, cooking, and watching
sports. Her family's favorite pastime is cheering on the Penn State
Nittany Lions.
For Karen, she was most inspired by her parents, who led by
example with their work ethic and strong moral compass. Her
late grandmother was her most fervent advocate and unwavering
supporter, Karen said, providing her with many life lessons that she
often draws on for strength.

BRITANY LAMANNA, The Loomis Company, and Relish
Britany likes to say that she has
both a "real job" and a "fun
job." From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., she
is a commercial lines property
and casualty broker who seeks
opportunities to assist businesses and business owners in the
protection of their employees
and assets with complementary
and comprehensive insurance
packages. In that position for
five years, she finds it to be very
rewarding, although, at times,
not all that much "fun."

Britany LaManna and her

father, Gregg Maack
On the other hand, RELISH,
the gourmet hot dog and coffee
shop in West Reading that Britany owns with her husband, Ben, is full of
fun, and enables them to be creative, silly, and a part of their community.

Britany said she volunteers for the editorial committee because
W2W is a great asset and advocate for our local female professionals.
Being a committee member, she said, makes her feel like she's a part
of a wider mission. She enjoys the magazine's interesting articles and
intelligent and inspiring content, and, as a professional female, enjoys
reading in-depth profiles about women's professional and personal lives.
BRITANY LAMANNA feels the publication could benefit from

more articles that tell readers about women who have
overcome challenges and transformed problems into
opportunities. We all encounter road blocks and it's
exciting to read about how someone persevered and ended
up in a good place; a story that starts with a problem and we
learn how it was transformed into an opportunity.
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