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with Women2Women and Alvernia University
By Angela Cremer, KGM Marketing LLC,
Communications - Public Relations/Advertising, Albright College '17


ver since Maria Reyes decided to go back
to school at Alvernia University (AU) to
obtain her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice
in the fall of 2016, she has felt more prepared
to take on new challenges at her current job
at Kenneth M. Kitay & Associates, LLC.
Reyes has worked there as a Legal Assistant
since Nov. of 2015 and plans to stay at the
law firm after graduating. "This is my dream
to have that bachelor's degree. It will help me
so much knowing the legal background on the
criminal justice system," she expresses with a
smile. Reyes most enjoys how "every day feels
like a new adventure" at Kitay & Associates.
"The learning of new things is constant, and
I love that," she explains.

motivation." Upon receiving her degree, she
plans to regularly attend the Lean In Circles
and become more involved with W2W and
their partnership with Alvernia since they
have done so much to help her.

Maria Reyes

Given this, it is no surprise how excited
Reyes was to start her first Criminal Justice
101 course online this May. She immediately
began reading through the textbooks on the day
she received them. Although she considers her
first online course to be "a bit of a challenge,"
she is excited to see what she will take from
the course within the next few months.

obtaining her degree. Their partnership with
Alvernia helps encourage women to either
return to college or begin pursuing their
dreams through starting a degree program.
Members of W2W receive preferred pricing
on tuition at the university in addition to
networking opportunities and a variety of
professional development events.

It was Lori Korch, Senior Enrollment
Coordinator for Graduate and Adult Education
at Alvernia, who encouraged Reyes to try
something new and take her first online
course this semester. She has been advising
Reyes since she initially began considering
returning to school to obtain her degree back
in September of 2016. Although Reyes has
only met with Korch face-to-face three times,
she wishes to stay in touch with Korch after
she graduates. "She is very positive and tells
me that I will be able to succeed. I make an
appointment to go see her every time I start
new classes, and she always helps me decide
which direction I should take," Reyes kindly
remarks of Korch.

Prior to beginning classes at Alvernia, Reyes
had participated in a handful of W2W's
Lean In Circles. Comprised of an adept
facilitator and approximately a dozen women
who support one another in a trustworthy
atmosphere where they can learn and grow,
these two-hour monthly gatherings range
from explorations to educational meetings
and take place for 10 months out of the year.
Reyes believes "the Lean In Circles are a very
positive thing for women, no matter what age"
because they help you "get inspired and gain

The Women2Women (W2W) program
has inspired Reyes through its ability to help
her both financially and motivationally with
28 Women2Women Summer 2017

The W2W and Alvernia University partnership offers a rolling admissions process
and a number of start terms throughout the
year, making it simple to enroll as an adult
learner. Hillary Saylor Schulze, who is an
Enrollment Coordinator for both undergraduate adults and graduate students in the School
of Graduate and Adult Education, acts as a
liaison to the partnership. As the enrollment
coordinator, Schulze has formed a number
of relationships with the women involved
in the partnership. "It's nice to be able
to go out to Women2Women events and
see a student who I've helped, or to chat
quietly with someone who is still on the
fence about going back to school. I've been
impressed with the caliber of professionals
who are members of Women2Women," she
Schulze's job is to guide W2W members,
including Reyes, through the process of
thinking about going to school to either
start or finish their degree. Her background
in financial aid also comes in handy during
the initial steps of enrollment. In addition to
monetary assistance, Schulze "can help advise
you through your curriculum, talk through
scheduling issues and help you talk with
a tutor to get extra help if needed." She
also informs students of all the benefits of

If we can help graduate inspired learners with
moral and ethical courage, we will be living our
mission and contributing to the community."
- Hillary Saylor Schulze


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