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T he Lean In Circles are a very
positive thing for women, no matter
what age" because they help you
"get inspired and gain motivation."
- Maria Reyes

being an AU student, which include free lectures, community
connections and access to the gym.
For Reyes, the most beneficial aspect of the partnership between
W2W and Alvernia is the generous discount. "Any contributions
really help," she says, expressing her gratitude. According to Schulze,
in addition to time, energy and employer and family support, cost is
a major barrier for many women deciding whether or not they want
to go back to school or start a degree. "Flexibility and a tuition
discount of 20 percent off on most of our ground programs help
ease the transition," she explains.
The O'Pake Institute for Ethics, Leadership & Public Service at
Alvernia University produced a 2016 report that found that, while
young people are not necessarily fleeing the area, we do need to
support our talented workforce who remain here in the City of
Reading and in Berks County. Schulze believes the W2W and
Alvernia partnership directly benefits the community since it
"supports the area's workforce by offering flexible programs that
not only inspire self-confidence and leadership, but also underline
the importance of creating and maintaining a moral and ethical
workplace." She concludes, "If we can help graduate inspired learners
with moral and ethical courage, we will be living our mission and
contributing to the community."
This moral and ethical courage can be found in Reyes, whose
dedication to her studies and her future goals are bound to have a
positive impact on our community. Karen Marsdale, president of
the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry, can easily
see how excited and enthusiastic Reyes is about her future, referring
to her as the "poster child for those that think they can't" in last
issue's article about Reyes returning to school thanks to the
partnership. When Reyes learned that Marsdale, who she views
as "such a kind and lovable person," had said that about her she
felt "very special and got emotional."
Reyes plans to use her positive energy by giving back to the
community "in any way possible" upon receiving her degree
and entering her promising future. She wishes to work for the
county and be heavily involved in the criminal justice system.
Reyes has lived in Reading since she moved here from Mexico
at the age of 11, so she is looking forward to being able to
provide and give back to the community in the same way that
she is receiving from them right now. "I just feel very blessed to
be part of the program and to have all the support that I do,"
Reyes concludes. n

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