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was extremely touching. The change that this brought about was
coming to the realization that my experiences can make a difference
for many people who keep their personal struggles locked away.

People are receptive
to the advice that I give
because I don't tell people what
they should be doing. I share my
personal and professional experiences with them, my failures and
my successes. If something I have
been through can help them avoid
pitfalls and mistakes that I have
encountered myself or help get
them a win, then that's all
that matters.

In regard to being inspired, I most definitely am. I have been truly
amazed by the outpouring of questions and the want to know more
from the men and women who attended my event. The response
since my speech has been overwhelming; even now, I am still
being contacted by people who want to know if I will speak again.
I'm hoping that I get the opportunity to share this story with our
Women2Women Community.
An attendee at the event asked me what was next for me. At
that moment I didn't have a clear vision, but after some reflection
I realized that I want to continue speaking and share my story and
life experiences to help others all across the globe. With that I have
applied to start my own business and am looking forward to starting
a motivational speaking and life skills training company. So to the
people who have asked me to continue speaking, I will!

So last but not least, what advice you would give to a
young woman who might feel she's working hard, giving
her all, but not being heard in her workplace? I ask
because many women give up rather than dig deep into
themselves for that answer.
You earned the award for your passion around women and the
opportunities that Carpenter obviously believes in regarding
the empowerment of women. Do you find yourself mentoring
or guiding other women to focus on self-improvement? And,
importantly, are they open to your advice?
I do mentor women in our community, a few in the workplace,
and most recently became a mentor with the Reading Collegiate
Scholars Program. I want to see women win and a win for each of
us looks completely different depending on where we are in our
lives. Too often women spend time tearing other women down. I
was a product of an environment where I had no female support
for a long time. So, helping to uplift other women is very near and
dear to my heart.
People are receptive to the advice that I give because I don't tell
people what they should be doing. I share my personal and professional
experiences with them, my failures and my successes. If something
I have been through can help them avoid pitfalls and mistakes that
I have encountered myself or help get them a win, then that's all
that matters.

You recently shared your personal story at a De Mujer a
Mujer event; it was so powerfully received, that you received,
I believe, three standing ovations...this is not as typical as
one may think. How has that either inspired or changed you?

This is probably the easiest of all the questions that I've been
asked... Don't give up, EVER! Giving up is easy and if everything
we encountered in life was easy, there would be nothing to work for
or accomplish. Continue to work hard, be confident in your abilities, know your strengths, keep learning and build a good support
system for yourself. Dig deep when you need to and get outside
of your comfort zone from time to time. Additionally, don't work
hard just for recognition, work hard for yourself so that you can be
happy, successful and satisfied, both personally and professionally.
The best experiences are out there waiting for you on your journey,
so don't give up!
Lizette Epps is a Senior Corporate Buyer with Carpenter Technology
Corporation where she procures IT & Professional Services. She has
been employed in both the private and public sector of business for the
last 22 years, with a career spanning various roles, ranging from a legal
secretary to a procurement professional. She holds a master's degree in
Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and has called
Berks County home for the last seven years.
Lizette has a passion for community involvement as well as women's
and children's initiatives. In addition to chairing the Latina Initiatives
Committee and serving as a member of the Women2Women Council,
she mentors women in the Reading Collegiate Scholars Program as well
as in the community at large.

Sharing my personal story during the De Mujer a Mujer event was
both an experience that changed me and has greatly inspired me. To
be standing in the Crowne, before a room that was overflowing with
people waiting to hear about how I've come to be where I am in life,
berkswomen2women.com 19


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