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Get Organized in 2018 ( at home & at work! )

By Paula J. Ziegler, Communications Manager,
the Berks County Bar Association and Law Foundation of Berks County

Computer Organization at Work
Think of your computer as a storage area.
Within this area, you can have individual
folders for each specific job. Within each job
folder, you can have sub folders for different
components of the job. Much of my work
involves scheduled communication with Bar
Association members, promoting and marketing our Mandatory Continuing Education
Seminars for attorneys, advertising our events,
producing the final copy of the Berks County
Law Journal, handling social media venues
and communicating with sponsors of our
yearly events. I need to work fast and easily
identify which job folder that I need. It sounds
simple, but I have seen many who, instead
of using folders, have all of their documents
and images in one long, unorganized stream.
Also, resist the temptation to save your work
to your desktop. In the event of a server failure,
your desktop information will not be saved.

Organize your main folders. I have a folder

for each task or event which is named strategically so that I can easily find it. Do not
name every folder starting with the name
of your company! Everything will look too
similar. Eliminate spaces in the folder names
so that they are easier to read and take up less
visual space. For example: AnnualMeeting is
the name of the folder for one of our annual
events. Without the spaces, the name is quickly
read and the folder will easily be found since
the folders are in alphabetical order.

Organize your sub folders. Each main job
folder contains sub folders. My AnnualMeeting
folder will have a sub folder for each year. 2017,
2016.... Within those year folders I will have
subfolders for the marketing files for that year
such as the brochure, html advertisements and
Excel file mailing lists. This makes it easy for
me to pull brochures from a few years before
if, for example, we might want to look up a
speaker who was particularly good.
Include a Word document (or similar) in
each job folder which contains complete
instructions for the task. Since many of

my jobs are once a year events, I find that
it is extremely helpful to type all notes on a
Word document and save to my job folder.
24 Women2Women Winter 2018

There may be specific details such as how to
print a particular brochure to our Konica
Minolta printer. I can now open the folder
for AnnualMeeting and then open the Word
document titled AnnualMeetingInstructions.
The details of the event such as printing information, steps to take for querying our database
and information that I need to provide to other
staff members is readily available. Not only is
this a great reminder on the details associated
for the task or event, but it is also a great way
to document the job in case someone else
needs to take over in my absence.

ahead of schedule. Highlight the due dates
with a bright color for an extra reminder.

Learn Microsoft Excel. All marketers and

your e-mail, include the company address
and phone number. Keep your e-mail signatures professional looking and try to have
all members of your company adhere to the
same look. It is so helpful to have all contact
information readily available in case there is
a question or follow up needed.

communicators will benefit by taking basic
and advanced classes in Excel. Excel files can
be used for addresses, payment and attendance
information and event coordination. For
example, I maintain sponsor relationships
for our large events. My Excel files will have
columns for contact names, mailing and
e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. I also
have columns for invoice sent, invoice paid,
informational brochure sent, advertising in, and
banner in. Keeping this one Excel file updated
leading up to the event allows me to check for
missing ads or payments. I also have a record
that I sent the required information to sponsors.
Set up these files so that you can easily sort by
last name and company name. Excel can also
be used to make detailed charts. Learn how
to use Word and Excel in conjunction with
each other and you create merged letters or
send html documents to a select e-mail list.
The Greater Reading Chamber Alliance often
has Excel classes listed.

Computer Organization at Home

Organizational folders can be used on home
computers as well. I have a folder for finances,

a college folder for each of my daughters and
a folder for any activities that I enjoy such
as gardening. Within my financial folder, I
have an Excel file dedicated to keeping track
of bills. Each company is listed along with
a column for BillDueDate, password (for
online bill paying), BillPaidDate, and any
other pertinent information. After paying
bills, I will update the due date and sort that
column. The next bills due will be at the top
of my Excel file so that I am always looking

Here are a few easy
but strategic tips:
I firmly believe that the key to successful
marketing and design is organization and
keeping the message simple. Think ahead and
answer these main questions: who?, what?,
where?, and when? Then add any details.

1 ) Your website and your e-mail signature
should contain your complete contact information. Whether it is your home page or

2 ) Stick to a schedule for your e-mail/html
newsletters and notices. Your recipients will

know when to expect the notices and they
will be less likely to feel intruded upon by
miscellaneous messages.

3 ) If you are the administrator of a company
Facebook site, start a professional administration page. Your administration page can
be simple, perhaps sharing your professional
background information, similar to your
LinkedIn page, and can be used to manage
multiple company Facebook sites if necessary.
No need to involve your personal Facebook!

4 ) Keep the sponsors and vendors of your
events updated. I send a welcome packet in

the form of a PDF document to sponsors and
vendors, which includes an invoice, instructions for the day of the event, advertising
sizes and due dates, and contact information.
I try to answer all questions within this
document. This document should make the
sponsors feel included and also gives your
organization a professional image. Sponsors
also appreciate a reminder if materials are
due before a printing date.


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