Women2Women - Winter 2018 - 27


Chiara Sockel Renninger

Does it All!

By Susan Shelly


hiara Sockel Renninger has been a member of Women2Women
since its founding in 2010, and has served on the Women2Women
Council since January 2015.
As a young professional in the early days of the program, Chiara
was inspired by the women she met and the speakers who taught her
about life-work balance, the challenges women face in the workplace
and the importance of forming supportive relationships.

"As a young person, I especially liked the Women2Know series," Chiara
said recently during a break from her schedule as a wealth advisor with
Buckingham Strategic Wealth in Wyomissing. "It was inspirational for
me to hear women who had done it all speak about their lives and their
strategies for success. I would listen to them and think, 'I can do that.'"
Currently 42, Chiara is following closely in the footsteps of those
women who have "done it all."

"I've learned that sometimes my life is 100 percent work," she said.
"But there other times, especially on weekends, that it needs to be
100 percent family. On weekends, I put the phone down, put the
technology down, and make it family time."
Chiara and her husband, Ryan, enjoy being outdoors with their
children, and time at the beach as a family.
Chiara's involvement with Women2Women also is important to
her, as she enjoys the diversity of the group and the encouragement
it provides to women at many different phases of life and work.
"In essence, we're trying to get women to become leaders in whatever
way they'd like to," she said. "I really appreciate the diversity of both
the membership and the programming of the group."

In addition to her career and serving on the Women2Women
Council, she is the mother of a 12-year-old son, Cole, and an eightyear-old daughter, Saray. She coaches Cole's basketball teams and
keeps up with Saray's activities.
She founded the Power of the Purse Fund, an organization that
provides funding to help break the cycle of poverty by reducing
barriers for women who want to enter or re-enter the workforce. Since
2012, Power of the Purse has donated more than $100,000 to Berks
County programs and organizations that assist women and children.
Chiara also is a member of the board of directors for Berks Nature
and LedgeRock Golf Club. She has been recognized for outstanding
achievement in her field by receiving a "Top 40 Under 40" award
from Investment News.
We asked Chiara, who was a high school and college basketball
standout, about the strategies she employs for balancing her many
obligations and activities. The secrets, she said, are to be very organized,
to prioritize, and to ask for help when necessary.


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"I have a team of people who help me, including my in-laws, my parents,
my husband, and some really good babysitters," Chiara said. "I've learned
that it's okay to ask for help and that I don't have to do everything myself."

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There are periods of time, she said, when work is consuming and
other activities must take a back seat. Other times, however, are
devoted to her family.

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