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Advanced Textiles Conference
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Tuesday, Nov. 3

Wednesday, Nov. 4

10-11 am	

10-11 am	

Development of Advanced Functional
Fibers and Fabrics

Smart Textiles: From Lab Prototypes
to Commercial Products

Dr. Sasha Stolyarov, CEO, Advanced Functional
Fabrics of America

Justine Decaens, Head of Technical
Innovation- Smart Textiles, Groupe CTT

Recent breakthroughs in fiber materials and
processing now enable us to develop multimaterial fibers endowed with sophisticated
functionality. Integrated into fabrics, these
multi-material fibers expand the application
space of traditional textiles into highly functional
systems with capabilities that include sensing,
light emission, color change and more.

Smart textiles technologies have existed
for more than a decade but only recently
started to reach the market. Offering various
active functions such as lighting, heating and
sensing, smart textiles are mostly present
in the protection, sports and leisure, and
medical sectors.

This presentation will provide an overview of
recent technological breakthroughs in advanced
functional fibers and fabrics, and it will introduce
the role of the Advanced Functional Fabrics
of America (AFFOA), a USA Manufacturing
Innovation Institute focused on bringing novel
advanced fabric capabilities to market for
national security and commercial applications.
AFFOA's role in helping the U.S. respond to the
global COVID-19 pandemic will be highlighted,
and future opportunities for improved
preparedness from a materials and product
innovation standpoint will be discussed.

2-3 pm	
Understanding Testing Requirements
of Medical PPEs
Jing Liang, President, Medical PPE
Consulting LLC
What test should I conduct for PPE products?
Which are mandatory? Which are voluntary?
Which tests should be included during the
product development phase? Which tests are
recommended for regular mass production? The
testing requirements and standards of gowns,
coveralls, masks and respirators will be shared
during this session. Attendees will leave with
knowledge of being able to:
*	Identify mandatory and voluntary testing
requirement of each PPE family.
*	Understand the basic methodology and results
interpretation of each test.
*	Design a verification plan for your PPE product.
*	Apply recommended testing in your future
production of PPE.

Despite some successful examples of
commercialized products, the production
process of smart textiles remains challenging
for most manufacturers. Automation is a
key element to getting easier access to the
market, while better managing cost efficiency
and lead time. Moreover, product reliability
and performance are essential to earn
customers trust and acceptance.
The presentation will review the key elements
in smart textile manufacturing (conductive
yarns and fabrics; technology blocks and
functions; specialized processes) and outline
some examples of success and failure through
case studies.

2-3 pm	
Amplifying Human Energy to Drive
Performance and Recovery
Seth Casden, CEO and Co-Founder, Hologenix
Recent studies in the effectiveness of responsive
materials have clinically proven they can
enhance performance and recovery among
healthy individuals by recycling infrared energy.
Infusing fibers with certain minerals gives
products the ability to absorb electromagnetic
light energy emitted by the body. These minerals
then alter the wavelengths of this energy into
infrared and reflect it, even through multiple
layers of fabrics, making it possible for the tissue
to absorb it. This process triggers vasodilation
in the capillary bed and makes more oxygen
available to your cells, allowing for more
efficient use of it by the body.
This presentation will look at developments in
responsive materials and the use of infrared
technology for recycling human energy, with
an emphasis on enhanced performance and
recovery. We'll review case studies, outline some
of the challenges made evident during research
and development, and discuss best practices
for design and production. We'll also discuss
possible paths toward innovation concerning
industrial methods, retail approaches and
cultural education.

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