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10-11 am	

10-11 am	

Testing and Standards Integral to
Timely Product Development

Smart Textiles for Healthcare and
Well-being: a Collaborative Approach

Smart Textiles Standardization-
Active Illumination

Dr. Thomas Stegmaier, Head of
Competence Center Textile Chemistry,
Environment, Energy, DITF

Dr. Anne Toomey, Head of Programme
for Textiles, Royal College of Art
Dr. Elif Ozden Yenigun, Senior Tutor in Textiles,
Royal College of Art
Dr. Gozde Goncu-Berk, Assistant Professor,
University of California Davis

Dr. Jan Beringer, Senior Scientific
Expert, Hohenstein

The tumultuous events of this year have
forced our industry to look closely at how
we can take great ideas from concept to
commercialization. Achieving this in the
most time- and cost-effective ways that do
not compromise safety is the challenge. The
alignment of technological advances with
testing and standards is of vital importance.
In this presentation we use our own case
studies to show how this is achievable at
different scales from SME to million-dollar
programs involving multiple stakeholders
across disciplines and geographical borders.

2-3 pm	
From Lab to Market: How We Made
Revolutionary Pain-Relieving Yarns
and Socks in Six Weeks
Matt Kolmes, CEO, VOLT Wearable Tech,
a division of Supreme Corp.
When the Olympic committee announced
it was endorsing CBD oil for pain relief
in athletes, Supreme Corp. was already
incorporating those yarns into products
through our vendor. When our vendor pulled
out of the project, and our customers were
demanding pain relief yarns, we sprang into
action. This is the fastest concept-to-fullydeveloped product that we have ever done.
The challenging process involved a lot of
hard work, scientific testing and technical
textiles experience.
Supreme Corp. has achieved phenomenal
performance in pain relief previously
unavailable in the market. Come inside our
lab to see how we fast tracked the product
in six weeks.

This session presents some of the material
platforms intertwined by craft and technology
in smart textiles for healthcare and well-being.
It describes the benefit of connectivity with
international stakeholders through networked
activities, using collaborative approaches to
knowledge exchange and furthering crosscultural understanding of smart textiles and
Soft Systems.

2-3 pm	
Clothing: the Next Frontier
in Drug Delivery
Jordan Schindler, Founder/CEO, Nufabrx
Clothing purchases are often based on color,
price or brand; however, the decision can also
be based on what benefits the clothing imparts
to one's body. Consumer health and wellness
can be totally reimagined and simplified
by delivering medications, vitamins and
supplements directly through the garments
that touch people's bodies. Welcome to the
world where textiles are the next forefront
in drug delivery and learn how everyday
clothing is one of the best ways to solve
patient compliance.

The new standard-DIN SPEC 91418 (PAS)
Actively Illuminated High-Vis-in addition to
EN ISO 20471 and EN 1150 resp. EN 17353
Requirements and Testing Methods will set
requirements for enhanced high-visibility
personal protective equipment (PPE) with
active lighting. Currently there are no testing
standards or EU certification guideline for PPE
that signal the presence of a person at night,
when retroreflective elements are ineffective.
Although these methods are focused on
requirements and testing methods for CEtype examination (CE-marking), some of
the methods and technologies could have
implications for other markets like sports,
performance and work wear. Current research
focuses on the merging of illumination and
garments for smart, actively illuminated highvisibility garments to ensure that wearers are
highly visible for drivers or operators of other
technical devices.
The presentation shows updates from the
project, plus lighting technology, safety
requirements and garment care methods.

2-3 pm	
Advanced Textiles Closing Session:
Industry Organizations' Responses to
COVID-19 and How to Move Forward
Steve Schiffman, President and CEO,
Industrial Fabrics Association International
Kim Glas, President and CEO, National
Council of Textile Organizations
Join us for a panel featuring key industry
association leaders including IFAI President
Steve Schiffman and NCTO President Kim Glas.
This presentation will delve into the state of
the textiles and industrial fabrics industry as
we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and
discuss ways that the associations serving the
industry have positioned themselves to support
the continued development, production and
sale of advanced textiles.

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