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Thursday, Nov. 5

Tuesday, Nov. 10

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10-11 am	

10-11 am	

10-11 am	

Designing Lightness: Structures
for Saving Energy

The Inside Scoop on Shade,
Lighting and Acoustics

Ed van Hinte, Lightness Studios
Marie O'Mahony, O'Mahony Consultancy

Cindy Thompson, MFA, Founder, President,

In the Lab:
Exploring Performance and Material
Considerations of Shade Fabric

This virtual panel session, led by author
Ed van Hinte, will provide a renewed view
on lightness and how the world might benefit
from it. Lightness concerns saving energy
through weight reduction of just about
everything and by rethinking structures with
a sophisticated composite approach.

Attendees will get an artist's point of view on
today's interior architectural fabric opportunities.
Cindy Thompson, MFA, of Transformit, will
present several case studies illustrating the
advantages of an artistic approach to shade,
lighting and acoustics in interior projects.
There will be pictures, hands-on models and

2-3 pm	

Ms. Thompson is both an artist and a teacher.
Questions will be encouraged. Be prepared
to participate!

Succession Planning through
Equipment and Processes
Jonathan Palmer, CEO, Autometrix Inc.
Truy Pham, Director of Global Sales,
Autometrix Inc.
As business owners begin to dream of
retirement, many small businesses are
faced with the challenge of figuring out
their succession plan. While it might seem
counterintuitive to invest more money into
a business you hope to leave, investing in
capital equipment and the processes they
are a part of can be key to preparing your
business for the next owners and building
its value in their eyes.

2-3 pm	
Textiles are the "T" in STEM
Stephanie Rodgers, Director of Product
Research and Development, Apex Mills
Explosive growth in the wearables sector
has put advanced textiles on the forefront
of innovation. Women have embraced the
technology opportunities of textiles along with
the underlying science and engineering. Many
of the emerging functional fabrics are being
developed by women empowered by crossdisciplinary approaches to manufacturing.
This session will highlight women from
different backgrounds who have used textiles
as a platform for science and innovation,
highlighting e-textiles and how we can
encourage this new market sector.

Colin Blackford, Director of Business
Development, Mermet USA
Shading is an important piece of any
sustainably-designed project. It is a necessary
safeguard that enables a building to provide
that critical connection with the outdoors,
providing views and access to daylight, while
protecting occupants and building performance
from the discomfort and energy waste that can
occur from glare and solar heat gain.
Understanding the basic material compositions
of the majority of shading products in the market
and comparing and contrasting how those
materials perform in terms of view-through,
dimensional stability, recyclability and fire
retardancy will help designers select a shade fabric
that meets the sustainable demands of a project.
This presentation seeks to educate attendees on
these points while challenging them to consider
the energy that was used in the production of the
shade materials found in their buildings, as well
as the impact those materials will have inside
the built environment.

2-3 pm	
1974 U.S. Pavilion-Renovation and
Shade Experience Development
Mar Ricketts, Principal, GuildWorks LLC
Sebastian Collet, VP, GuildWorks LLC
Beatriz Ferreyra, Lead Design, GuildWorks LLC
David Bowick, P. Eng., Principal, Blackwell
The U.S .Pavilion was originally designed for
the 1974 world's fair in Spokane, Wash. The
pavilion shed its temporary skin after a couple
winters but remained an icon as an early U.S.
cable net structure.
GuildWorks was chosen to lead the process
of developing a new artistic shade system to
integrate with the existing structure as part
of a major renovation of the larger downtown
Riverfront Park. In order to do this, GuildWorks
was required to inspect, analyze, and reverse
engineer this almost 50-year-old iconic
structure. It was a very challenging process
that pushed capabilities and required lots of
collaboration and innovation to succeed.
The presenters will walk participants through
the process from design and analysis through
engineering and installation, including
challenging problems faced along the way-
all of which led to the successful completion of
the unique shade array at the new Riverfront
Park Pavilion.

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