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Clothing: The Next Frontier for
Drug Delivery

Digital Printing: Unique Solution Offering
that Differentiates

How to Sell a Company (to the Employees)

[Advanced Textiles Conference]	

[Campfire | Specialty Fabrics]

Wednesday, Nov. 4 | Noon-12:30 pm	

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | 2-3 pm	

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | Noon-12:30 pm	

Chris Fredericks, President, TVF

Jordan Schindler, Founder/CEO, Nufabrx	

Andrew Medley, Regional Sales Manager, Trivantage LLC

Clothing purchases no longer need to be based
on color, price or brand; instead, primary decision
making can include what benefit we want clothing
to impart on our bodies. Consumer health and
wellness is being reimagined and simplified by
delivering medications, vitamins and supplements
directly through the garments that touch our
bodies. Welcome to the world where textiles are
the next forefront in drug delivery. Learn how
everyday clothing is one of the best ways to solve
patient compliance.

In today's ever-evolving business landscape,
businesses and consumers want to set themselves
apart through unique personalized displays. This
comes in the form of different expressions, and one
trend that helps differentiate the look of businesses
is digital printing solutions. Digital printing offers
both personal and commercial customization, and
requests for custom awning products is estimated
to be as high as 40 percent. This presentation will
answer a fundamental question, what is digital
printing?, and demonstrate how, if you can imagine
it, it can be printed. Anything is possible, from basic
patterns and stripes to photography that shows
intricate details, all with photo-quality results. Digital
printing is ideal for commercial applications looking
to brand themselves and draw consumers' eyes to
their business.

More than two million small businesses in the U.S.
are owned by baby boomers, but nearly 60 percent
of owners don't have an ownership succession plan
in place. Selling to the employees can be a great
option. Attendees will leave able to:
* Explain what an employee stock ownership
plan (ESOP) is and how it works
*	Evaluate the pros and cons of selling to
an ESOP versus other common options
*	Identify the right advisors to support an
ESOP transition
*	Guide the process of selling all or part
of a business to an ESOP

Designing Lightness: Structures for Saving
Energy - Interview/Book Launch
[Industry Education | Advanced Textiles] 	

Thursday, Nov. 5 | 10 -11 am	
Ed van Hinte, Lightness Studios
Marie O'Mahony, O'Mahony Consultancy	
Join us as Professor Marie O'Mahony interviews
Ed van Hinte on composing materials, designing
structures and organizing flows to achieve longterm sustainability.

Development of Advanced Functional
Fibers and Fabrics
[Advanced Textiles Conference]	

Tuesday, Nov. 3 | 10-11 am	
Dr. Sasha Stolyarov, CEO, Advanced Functional
Fabrics of America		
Recent breakthroughs in fiber materials and
processing now enable us to develop multimaterial fibers endowed with sophisticated
functionality. Integrated into fabrics, these multimaterial fibers expand the application space of
traditional textiles into highly functional systems
with capabilities such as sensing, light emission,
color change and more. This presentation will
provide an overview of recent technological
breakthroughs in advanced functional fibers and
fabrics and will introduce the role of the Advanced
Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), a USA
Manufacturing Innovation Institute focused on
bringing novel advanced fabric capabilities to
market for national security and commercial
applications. AFFOA's role in helping the U.S.
respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic will
be highlighted, and opportunities for improved
preparedness in the future from a materials and
product innovation standpoint will be discussed.

[Campfire | Specialty Fabrics] 	

In the Lab: Exploring Performance and
Material Considerations of Shade Fabrics
[Industry Education | Shade and Weather Protection]

Thursday, Nov. 12 | 10-11 am	

From Lab to Market: How We Made
Revolutionary Pain-Reliving Yarns and
Socks in Six Weeks
[Advanced Textiles Conference]	

Thursday, Nov. 5 | 2-3 pm
Matt Kolmes, CEO, VOLT Wearable Tech,
a division of Supreme Corp.	
When the Olympic committee announced it was
endorsing CBD oil for pain relief in athletes VOLT
Wearable Tech was already incorporating those
yarns into products through their vendor. When
their vendor pulled out of the project, and their
customers were demanding pain relief yarns, VOLT
sprang into action, going from concept to fullydeveloped products in record time. They now have
phenomenal performance in pain relief previously
unavailable in the market. Come inside their lab
and discover how they got this product fast tracked
and developed in six weeks.

How to Select the Correct Welding
Technology for Your Business
[Campfire | Specialty Fabrics]

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | Noon-12:30 pm	
Jeff Sponseller, Executive Vice President
of Sales and Marketing, Miller Weldmaster
Are you ready to ditch your manual sewing
process and take your production to the next
level? Find out how you can improve seam quality
and durability, save production time and ultimately
save your bottom line. Attendees will hear from a
welding expert who will:
*	Explain and differentiate the technologies
available for industrial fabric manufacturers.
*	Evaluate what technology is right for
your application.
*	Identify the versatility and value each
technology can offer.
*	Offer solutions and examples for
automating your production

Colin Blackford, Director of Business Development,
Mermet USA
Shading is an important piece of any sustainablydesigned project. It is a necessary safeguard that
enables a building to provide that critical connection
with the outdoors, providing views and access to
daylight while protecting occupants and building
performance from the discomfort and energy waste.
Understanding the basic material compositions of
the majority of shading products and comparing how
those materials perform in terms of view-through,
dimensional stability, recyclability and fire retardancy
will help designers select a fabric that meets the
sustainable demands. This session seeks to educate
attendees on these points while challenging them to
consider the energy that was used in the production
of the shade materials found in their buildings, as
well as the impact those materials will have inside
the built environment.

International Business, Supply Chain
Management and Global Sourcing
[Industry Education | Business]

Tuesday, Nov. 3 | 2-3 pm	
King Mukherjee, President and Professor, Global
Impex USA and Saint John's University
Bob Gazich, Founder and President, Global
Impex USA and Tap Your Potential	
During the seminar Dr. King will discuss how the
international business supply chain has changed in
the past few years, also providing examples from
his firsthand experience. The discussion will also
include Mr. King's projection on how the domestic
and international market will change in the future,
and how the current pandemic has changed and
impacted our economy.
Key takeaways:
*	Knowledge of how COVID-19 changed the
supply chain.
*	Knowledge of the ending of the outsourcing era
and the beginning of the insourcing era.
*	Predictions of how the U.S. textile market
will change.
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