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Following the session, attendees will be able to:
*	Explain the safety requirements and garment
care methods outlined in the standard.
*	Identify key lighting technologies for actively
illuminated high-visibility garments.
*	Recognize possible implications for other
markets like performance and workwear.

Smart Textiles: From Lab Prototypes
to Commercial Products
[Advanced Textiles Conference]

Wednesday, Nov. 4 | 10-11 am	
Justine Decaens, R&D Director, Groupe CTT
The million-dollar question? How do you take
an idea and bring it to market?
Despite the buzz around smart textiles, there are
still few products out in the market. The presentation
will present some of the challenges encountered
during the development phase when it comes to
smart textiles:

Testing and Standards Integral to
Timely Product Development

The Inside Scoop on Shade,
Lighting and Acoustics

[Advanced Textiles Conference]

[Industry Education | Shade and Weather Protection]

Thursday, Nov. 5 | 10-11 am	

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | 10-11 am	

Dr. Thomas Stegmaier, Head of Competence Center
Textile Chemistry, Environment, Energy, DITF	

Cynthia Thompson, MFA, Founder and President,

The tumultuous events of this year have forced
the industry to look closely at how to take great
ideas from concept to commercialization. Achieving
this safely in the most time- and cost-effective way
is the challenge. The presentation will cover:

Attendees will learn about an artist's point of view
of today's interior architectural fabric opportunities.
Cynthia Thompson, MFA, Transformit, will present
several case studies, illustrating the advantages of
an artistic approach to shade, lighting and acoustics
in interior projects. There will be pictures and handson models and demonstrations.

*	The alignment of technological advances with
testing and standards.
*	Discussion of case studies.
*	Achievability at different scales from SME
to million-dollar programs involving multiple
stakeholders across disciplines and
geographical borders.

Attendees can get a head start by viewing her
company's website, www.transformit.com. Ms.
Thompson is both an artist and a teacher. Questions
will be encouraged. Be prepared to participate.

Textiles are the "T" in Stem

Understanding Testing Requirements
of Medical PPEs

*	Choice and supply of raw materials.

[Industry Education| Advanced Textiles]	

[Advanced Textiles Conference]	

*	Manufacturing prototypes and volume production.

Tuesday, Nov. 10 | 2-3 pm	

Tuesday, Nov. 3 | 2-3 pm	

* Testing and evaluating: which standards
to follow.

Stephanie Rodgers, Director, Advanced Product
Development, Apex Mills

Jing Liang, President, Medical PPE Consulting LLC

Sponsored Session: IFAI Companies
Facing the Hard Market Ahead
[Sponsored Education Session]

Monday, Nov. 9 | 10-11 am
Steve Christenson, Head of National Accounts,
Marsh & McClennan Agency
This session will focus on the challenges and
hurdles IFAI members are facing in response
to the hardened commercial insurance market,
including what creative solutions and guidance
MMA can provide as a strategic partner.

Explosive growth in the wearables sector has put
advanced textiles on the forefront of something big.
Women have embraced the technology opportunities
of textiles and the science and engineering behind
it. Many of the emerging functional fabrics are
being developed by women empowered by crossdisciplinary approaches to manufacturing. The
discussion will highlight women from different
backgrounds who have used textiles as a platform
for science and innovation in this new market sector.

The Impact of the Introduction
of Hemp Fiber into More Sustainable
Knit Footwear Structures

Succession Planning through
Equipment and Process

[Campfire | Advanced Textiles]	

[Industry Education | Business]	

Zoe Newman, Graduate Student, Wilson College
of Textiles, North Carolina State University

Thursday, Nov. 5 | 2-3 pm	
Jonathan Palmer, CEO, Autometrix Inc.
Truy Pham, Director of Global Sales, Autometrix Inc.
As business owners begin to consider retirement,
many small businesses are faced with the
challenge of figuring out succession plans. While
it might seem counterintuitive to invest more
money into a business you hope to leave, investing
in capital equipment and the processes they are a
part of can be key to preparing your business for
the next owners and building its value.	

The presenter will explore numerous points of
inquiry, such as what test should be conducted for
PPE products? Which are mandatory? Which are
voluntary? Which test should be included during
the product development phase? Which test are
recommended to have for regular mass production?
The testing requirements and standards of gowns,
coveralls, masks and respirators will be shared
during this session. Attendees will leave with
knowledge of being able to:
*	Identify mandatory and voluntary testing
requirements of each type of PPE family.
*	Understand the basic methodology and
results interpretation of each test.
*	Design a verification plan for a PPE product.
*	Apply recommended testing in future
production of PPE.

Thursday, Nov. 5 | Noon-12:30 pm	

The hemp (cannabis sativa) plant has many more
uses than you might think, including fiber. This
presentation will introduce the idea of using hemp
fiber as a means to increase sustainability in textiles
and contribute to a circular economy. How does the
integration of a natural fiber such as hemp change
the properties of common knit footwear structures?
Specifically, attendees will understand:
*	The natural fibers market, specifically with
relation to hemp.
*	Sustainability initiatives in the footwear market.
*	The impact of hemp fiber on the physical
properties of knit fabrics.

Washington Policy Update
[Campfire | Specialty Fabrics] 	

Tuesday, Nov. 3 | Noon-12:30 pm	
Sara Beatty, President, White Haven Trade
Auggie Tantillo, President, SRG & Associates	
Sara Beatty and Auggie Tantillo will update
attendees on policy and legislative developments
to include PPE procurement, the National
Defense Authorization Act, the Miscellaneous
Tariff Bill and other trade related matters. Their
presentation will incorporate a look ahead on
how the 2020 U.S. presidential election might
impact policy issues of concern to domestic
manufacturers of technical and industrial textiles. 	

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