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AD NAUSEAM Small Boating Community Involvement BY JOHN MORRIS RECENTLY LOOKING AT A UN 2015 study comparing urbanization of various nations, I was surprised by Canada's ranking as the 31st most urbanized at 81.5%. It's well below Australia, whose people are 94.8%in its cities, or Germany at 89.9% but significantly more urbanized than Portugal (77.9%), Switzerland (69.5%) or Ireland(64%). What this indicates to me is that in this country, the huge majority of people live in cities, leaving the non-urbanized areas to the remaining 18+%. We'll get to those out of the city areas in just a moment, but first let's consider where the noise is made. Political and economic noise that is. As you've read elsewhere in this issue, our industry has taken its case to Ottawa demonstrating the value of the boating industry to the national economy. Yes, in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal boating - let's call it Big Boating, although it's not so big, is actively pointing out the need for legislative support and consideration. The NMMA, provincial associations like BCMTA and vertical groups like Sail Canada all work to have their voices heard and recently, have made some impressive inroads. In the bigger picture though, those Big Boating voices are just small whispers compared to the many, many economic, 16 Boating Industry Canada JUNE 2016 political and special interest advocates attempting to catch the ear of decision makers. It's a tough job trying to stay out front when the auto industry, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, supporters of Syrian immigrants and the victims of the Fort Mac fires are all yelling to be heard. Big Boating really doesn't look that big - they must really work hard to get anywhere. But then there's Small Boating; that's you and your impact on your community, especially if it is non-urban, as most of you are. Many of your operations are highly significant in your community, if only because in Canada there's not much economic activity, or many people outside of the big places. Yes there are natural resource industries but their health is scary these days. The marine industry is a perennial contributor with a future that is impressive. Canada's non-urban landscape makes it almost unique as an un-paved paradise for recreational enjoyment. According to Country Ranker, Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. The Government

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IMPACT – NMMA CANADA DAY ON THE HILL - Canada’s boating industry came together in Ottawa for two days of discussions, planning and meetings with the new Liberal government and key Ministry staff. This covers the important industry issues and how we hope to move boating forward in 2016. – By Andy Adams
MANUFACTURING FABRICATION - SEA RAY - Boat manufacturer Sea Ray speeds production and eliminates labour intensive manual sanding by applying robotics with help of unique abrasive nylon brush. – By Greg Rankin – Power PR
MANUFACTURING FABRICATION - CANADA METAL - Canada Metal (Pacific) continues their US market expansion with a new Virginia Manufacturing Center. Continued US expansion could create as many as 70 new jobs over the next three years. – By Craig Ritchie
MADE IN CANADA – STAINLESS OUTFITTERS - Stainless Outfitters, established in 1993 was the original supplier to such well-known names as Hinterhoeller Yachts, builders of Nonsuch, C&C Yachts, Bombardier Aerospace and others. – By Glen Cairns
NMEA - SATELLITE TV - Re-printed from the NMEA Marine Electronics Journal, this story delivers the latest in Sat TV from the experts at KVH Industries, Cobham and Intellian. – By NMEA Staff

Boating Industry Canada June 2016