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Canadian Marine Industry August 2015 Update Commerciial Distribu b tio i n Finance Ca C nada (CDF) is i plleased to t provide the lattest ins i ta t llmentt in its t series i off in i dustr t y review i s. As A a result of its longstanding and unique position as a leading provider of financial services to the Canadian marine industry, CDF benefits from access to relevant information on n the state of that industry. As a lender committed to serrving the Canadian marine industry, CDF aims to continuously share developments it observes in the global and Canadian economies and its impacts on the marine industry. YOY Volume % Change g (YTD @ Aug g 31 3 ) Reg gional View The global and Canadian environments are experiencing great volatility as the falling oil prices impact various components of the economy. Meanwhile, the forecast for the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. U dollar remains uncertain through 2016. While we are keeping a close eye on these macro tren nds, CDF has been working with marine dealers in Canada for over 45 years through various cycles, and we remain confiden e t that dealers are adjusting to this new reality and making smart and thoughtful decisions based on their regional market dynamics. g a 6% decline in When comparing year-to-date figures to the same period in 2014, CDF iss observing n Canadian marine a kets, with the exception of BC where volumes wholesale shipmentts in its portfolio. This trend wa w s visible in all regional mar increased year-overr-year. The general consensus from &')·V dealers is that this recent volume trend is a reflection of dealers pro-actively adjusting their ordering patterns to account for the level of aged inventory that has carried over and a decreased level of retail sales. Also, uncertainty in foreign exxchange rates is causing some dealers to be more cautious as to the timing of when they order new inventory. g 31) YOY Liquidation % Change (YTD @ Aug Regional View Despite the strong headwinds, liquidations are onl n y down 2% overall, indicating that dealers are ad djusting their buying behaviours. As volumes decrease and liquidations n stay relatively constant, oustandings are coming in line and dealers are finding equilibrium. 12 Boating Industry Canada OCTOBER 2015

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PRODUCT FOCUS – IBEX SHOW 2015: IBEX 2015 was a treasure trove of new products and Boating Industry Canada brings you the show coverage plus a number of video interviews. – by Andy Adams
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IMPACT - MARK BRUCKMANN: A long overdue profile on Bruckmann Yachts, at the heart of Canadian boatbuilding since the dawn of fiberglass. – by Andy Adams
MADE IN CANADA – MARSKEEL: For Mars Metal of Burlington Ontario, it’s what’s on the bottom that counts and their MarsKeel diviosion has established itself as a global leader in lead ballast keels – by Glen Cairns
MADE IN CANADA – VOYAGER: Voyager Self Steering Inc. was founded by Peter Teitz, a Canadian sailor and retired machinist/patternmaker living in Kitchener, Ontario. – by Glen Cairns

Boating Industry Canada October 2015