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Proven at Sea Voyager Self Steering Inc. BY GLEN CAIRNS Building self-steering systems for ocean going sailboats is never going to be a mass production operation. But every year hundreds of small yachts set out from North America and Europe bound for distant shores. To be successful in this market one has to produce a product that works, really works, in a wide range of conditions. Voyager Self Steering Inc. has been in business since 1998 and has sold their product to sailors from around the world. In this age of instant information sharing, any wind vane that failed to live up to expectations would quickly disappear from the market. Voyager Self Steering Inc. was founded by Peter Teitz, a Canadian sailor and retired machinist/patternmaker living in Kitchener, Ontario. He built the first vane in the late 1990's for himself and went voyaging with it on his Niagara 35. People admired the vane, so he built another, then another, now there are over 300 Voyagers steering yachts all over the world. Three years ago, Peter wanted to retire (again) and sold the business to SEALINE INVITES DEALERS TO COME ABOARD As a world renowned luxury yacht manufacturerr,, Sealinee combines the best examples of design and craftsmanship with industry leading innovations to produce boats for adventure and relaxation, without sacrificing style. From entry level sports cruisers to luxury yachts, only the most natural and comfortable materials are selected to create a warm and welcoming ambience aboard. Sealinee Boats are celebrated for our exquisite yet functional use of space in every luxury yacht, yacht making even modest st models feel like a much larger vessel. Sealinee is actively pursuing CANADIAN N DEALERS to join its increasing dealer network around the globe. For more information andd application please go to; ecome-a-sealine-dealerr.html Or contacct directly; Douglas Brophy, Managing Director ctor Hanse Yachts North America 44 Merrimac St. New wburyport, MA. 01950 Office: 978 358 8336, Mobile: 978 239 6568 29

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PRODUCT FOCUS – IBEX SHOW 2015: IBEX 2015 was a treasure trove of new products and Boating Industry Canada brings you the show coverage plus a number of video interviews. – by Andy Adams
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IMPACT - MARK BRUCKMANN: A long overdue profile on Bruckmann Yachts, at the heart of Canadian boatbuilding since the dawn of fiberglass. – by Andy Adams
MADE IN CANADA – MARSKEEL: For Mars Metal of Burlington Ontario, it’s what’s on the bottom that counts and their MarsKeel diviosion has established itself as a global leader in lead ballast keels – by Glen Cairns
MADE IN CANADA – VOYAGER: Voyager Self Steering Inc. was founded by Peter Teitz, a Canadian sailor and retired machinist/patternmaker living in Kitchener, Ontario. – by Glen Cairns

Boating Industry Canada October 2015