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FEATURE Ghost Lake, Alberta Sailing in the Splendor of Alberta's Rocky Mountains By Tom and Kathleen Kjaersgaard Ghost Lake offers boaters beautiful mountain views and pastoral scenery. Photo Courtesy of Don Stengler hen we (an Ontario couple) both raised sailing on the Great Lakes and Lake Simcoe, decided to pack up and move our lives and careers to Cochrane, Alberta (minutes West of Calgary) in 2013, our rationalization banter went a bit like this: "OK, considering that it's Alberta...not a boating paradise... let's just embrace the change. Sell the boat (our much loved Olson 25) and then we'll just move-on and pursue other hobbies. How about golfing more maybe? We've pretty much ignored golf for the last 15 years right? So we agree - we'll replace the boating with golfing and who knows what other Alberta adventures on the weekends." Seems reasonable right? Well...not quite. Apparently denial runs deep in both of us. In doing pre-move research, we'd heard of Ghost Lake; it's 25 minutes West of Calgary and only 15 minutes West of Cochrane, our new hometown. However, as the "lake-snobs" W 26 Canadi an Yachti ng that we had evolved into over the years, we discounted Ghost Lake as an option based on what we now know was some pretty suspect information. We heard that Ghost Lake isn't a natural lake; it's a dammed section of the Bow River. We heard about the Ghost Lake Hydroelectric Dam there, and how this helps safeguard Calgary from flooding. The lake (like the Bow River itself) is glacier-melt fed, and the water struggles to break about 12 degrees most summers. Then combine all of that crazy mountain wind, on a lake that's not much more than maybe 10 km in length...hmmm, not really a sailor's dream, is it? "No way, that's not for us. We'll take a few golf lessons, play some great courses, and just get back in touch with a life lived on land." Since the day we arrived in this wondrous place, Alberta has MAY 2015

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Vantage Point: Fuelling your dreams
Waterfront: CPS Boating Tools on Video, Sneak Peeks at New models launching, Trent Severn Rideau Waterway update and much more...
Club Profile: Vancouver Rowing Club
Feature: Sharon Green: Sailing Photographer
Destination: Ghost Lake
Destintaion: Croatia
Destination: Georgian Bay Six-pack
Destination: New York Canals
Power Review: Beneteau GT 35
Crossing the Line: Explaining Sailing to Powerboaters

Canadian Yachting May 2015