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LIGHT UP YOUR Cruising Nights By Andy Adams O ne of the most exciting and affordable upgrades you can make to your boat is Underwater Lighting, and it's catching on all across Canada. Informed estimates are that barely 10% of Canadian pleasurecraft have underwater lighting but in Florida, it's a far higher percentage. Walk the docks at night and what used to be dark and maybe even a bit dangerous, can now be a remarkable display of light that transforms those dark harbour waters into something like a luxury hotel swimming pool! While you have to admit it looks "cool" - underwater lighting offers a whole range of benefits that you might not have considered. Swimming in light at night is just one of them. On the docks at night, the added lighting offers a significant safety benefit. That applies in an unfamiliar anchorage too. Swimming in the light is much more comfortable and safe because you can more easily see the boarding ladder and you are 84 less likely to slip or fall. Obviously, tow sports boats look really good with their lighting on and those boats are designed for swimming and easy access to the water. Don Hood of Imtra, who sells Lumishore LED Underwater Lighting in Canada mentioned that so far, more power boaters have added lighting than sailors, but if you have ever run aground, snagged an old piece of line in your prop, or had a rudder issue, a well-placed underwater light can make the task of diving to trouble-shoot, far easier. He added that for people using their boat as a floating vacation home, the night lighting is a very welcome addition. We have been told that there are no restrictions to using your underwater lighting at night while underway. Of course, you need your approved running lights on but lights in your transom can make your boat much more visible, especially to faster boats overtaking you. One of the cool aspects to underwater lighting is that the C a n a d i a n Y a c h t i n g APRIL 2016

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Vantage Point: Careers in the marine industry
Waterfront: Ken Read’s Sailing Advice, CY in Miami and Dusseldorf
Club Profile: Cobourg Yacht Club
Destination: Swan Lake - This gentle cruise into Masset Inlet paints a stunning visual depiction of the Masset Sound scenery and a foray into a swimming hole near Swan Lake. By Linda Leitch
Feature: Perfect Prop for Your Purpose - In Part I of this 2 part article, learn about propellers for displacement boats. “Selection of the proper prop for your purpose is based on what you want or need to achieve.” By Rob MacLeod
Power Review: Beneteau GT 40
Destination: Georgian Bay Cruise - Spending five days on the breathtakingly beautiful Georgian Bay will have you starting your packing list and planning your own route for the summer of 2016. By Jennifer Harker
CPS Port Hole
Destination: British Virgin Islands - A weeklong visit to the Pro-Am Regatta at the Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVI’s challenges the author to find the perfect balance between the thrill of competition and the perfectly mixed cocktail in this idyllic setting. By Clarity Nicoll
Feature: Underwater Lighting - More affordable than you might think and more useful than you would imagine – Underwater Lighting is the hot upgrade for Canadian boats of all sizes, power or sail. Light up your cruising nights this summer. By Andy Adams
Crossing the Line: The Shark is Alive and Well

Canadian Yachting April 2016