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VANTAGE POINT The Wave of New Boaters is Starting! In my travels over the summer, I learned of several marinas who had gained new boaters, some of whom were totally new to boating. Within the marine industry, at associations like Boating Ontario, the Atlantic Marine Trades Association and others, there is concern around the aging baby boomer generation and the risk they will leave boating as they age. Well, some boaters will leave boating, but it's encouraging to hear that new boaters are starting to come in. More and more seem to be discovering boating, perhaps through friends or perhaps just on their own. Something I find interesting is that while baby boomers probably started boating as children, getting sailing instruction at summer camps, going fishing or skiing experience at family cottages, I'm now hearing stories of people who begin their boating experience with a 40 footer! Of course if you can manage the entry price, why not have a comfortable big boat? Even a total "non-boater" can easily see the difference between a 32 and a 40 footer. And, if you and your significant other are comparing the cost of a nice brokerage boat and marina membership to the price of entry for an island in Georgian Bay, the boat is an easy decision. Plus, you may be able to get the same beautiful scenery and clear water with the added convenience of being able to get your boat dry-slipped. Call ahead and it's in the water waiting for you. When you're done, throw them the keys. 'Perfect for people living a fast-paced executive life. That's all great assuming you can manage it, but what if boating isn't in your DNA? How does a new person get started? There are programs out there like Discover Boating (part of the NMMA Canada organization) and if you pay attention to newsletters like our Canadian Yachting Onboard and sometimes read the local cottage area newspapers, you may hear of Discover Boating events, so that's one way to try boating, but you will still need knowledge. On page 20 in this issue, we detail at least a few of the great boating courses offered by the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) because now is the ideal time of year to sign up and take a boating course from them. Most CPS-ECP courses are available through the off-season, so sign up now and be ready to start boating next spring. Although if you're lucky enough to be living on the West Coast where lots of boaters enjoy a 12-month season, you could get going right away. No wonder the Vancouver real estate prices are so high! Then again, West Coast boating in salt water with tides, currents and other challenging conditions, means that you need boating knowledge even more. Speaking of things you need when boating; to spot those navigation markers at a distance and to discern whether they are red, or green [or something else] nothing beats a top-quality pair of binoculars. Rob MacLeod, The Informed Boater, researched what makes a quality pair of binoculars worth the money. See page 25 for all the details. Then, on page 32, see David Schmidt's article on the latest developments in radar for recreational vessels. Taking you back to boating in British Columbia, the West Coast does not have a monopoly on fog, but it sure rolls in fast in the Pacific Northwest! That's where radar makes all the difference, tracking all of the vessels around you and helping you to safely navigate home. Being able to see in fog, or in darkness, is a really important safety issue. With Christmas coming soon, maybe you will find a new radar outfit under the tree this year, or at least a top quality pair of binoculars! So...Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Canadian Yachting magazine and Canadian Yachting Onboard. 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Vantage Point: The Wave of New Boaters is Starting!
Waterfront: What’s your Watermark? Seafaring Santa holiday gift ideas.
Club Profile: Stony Lake Yacht Club
CPS: Seamanship Courses
Feature: Binoculars - Everything you could possibly want to know about understanding, using and buying binoculars for marine use. By Rob Macleod
Electronics Feature: Pinging the Unknown - A look at technologies that support modern marine radar. By David Schmidt
Destination: La Marina, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic - Luxuriate in this profile of the Casa de Campo, a 7,000-acre resort located in La Romana on the southeast coast of the island and boasting a port, a heliport and an airstrip and home of one of the best billfishing spots in the world. By Elizabeth Kerr
Destination: St John River - Offering cruising areas that are as inviting as any protected inland lake or river, the 75 miles between Saint John and Fredericton make for any easy weekend cruise but there are also many side trips which can occupy you for as much time as you have available. By Glen Cairns
Galley Guys: Krates
Power Review: Neptunus 62
Crossing the Line: The 6th Great Lake

Canadian Yachting December 2015