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Fitness Onboard Series Part 2: Stretch and Strength by Terri hodgson and Lisa Mavrou Photos Terri hodgson fresh air, a day of full sun, and the wind in your face can somehow give you the illusion that you've had some decent exercise. While this certainly feels terrific, it's a good idea to dedicate some time for a simple yet effective workout if you are otherwise used to more physical activity. This article is Part 2 of our fitness on board series. In this issue we are focusing on arm and leg strengthening exercises using your own body weight. No equipment is necessary, just a flat, safe, and slip-free surface. This routine should only take 20-25 minutes. If you can make time for this in the morning you will feel more energized to enjoy the rest of your day on the water. Warm-up Dynamic Stretching Dynamic stretches prepare the muscles and joints for the rest of the workout. Warm up with at least five minutes of exercises such as arm circles, exaggerated kicking motions, jumping jacks, jump rope, and running on the spot. breathing and heart rates should be raised slightly during the warm-up. Strength each of the following exercises should be performed in 10 - 15 repetitions in 3 sets, with a 15 second rest between each set. This may be challenging at first so it's ok to work up to it. Push-Up * Place your toes and hands on the floor with arms straight, holding your weight * hands should be slightly more than shoulder width apart * head, spine and legs should make a straight line and remain so during the exercise * bending at your shoulders and elbows, lower your body to try to touch your chest to the floor * Then, straighten your arms to push back to start position * Modification: knees can be on the floor for less challenging resistance 118 Canadian Yachting february 2016

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Vantage Point: “They” are Looking after our Boating Environment
Waterfront: Boat Shows, Waterkeepers, and more…
Environment Feature: Plastic Pickup in Paradise - The beaches on Haida Gwaii have always been a magnet for the flotsam and jetsam that circles the Pacific. This recount of what has washed ashore and in what quantities may shock you. By Linda Leitch
Club Profile: Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Galley Guys: On the Loose in Holland
Destination: Exploring the Lower Ottawa River by PWC - Follow the author and his Sea-Doo as he follows this historic trading route, part of a navigable waterway triangle formed in far Eastern Ontario with the St. Lawrence River on its southern side and the famous Rideau Canal on its west. By Craig Nicholson
Feature: Dark ‘n Stormy – Gosling’s Rum and Bermuda - Family owned Gosling’s is the oldest business in Bermuda. Learn its history and how it is integral to the tapestry of the rich Bermudian culture. By Margaret Swaine
CPS Port Hole
Destination: Lake Superior Cruise - A vivid description of this almost mystic five day cruise on the mightiest of our Great Lakes. By Mark Stevens and Sharon Matthews-Stevens
Sail Review: Jeanneau 54
Power Reviews: Azimut 55S and Cruisers Cantius 60
Electronics: Yacht Controller -Can this tech upgrade give your existing boat the functional equivalent of joystick docking? We talk to the creator of Yacht Controller and a Torontobased tech who has installed one. By Andy Adams
Fitness Feature: Fitness On Board Part 2 - Part 2 of our fitness features focusses on arm and leg strengthening exercises using your own body weight, on board your boat, any boat. By Terri Hodgson and Lisa Mavrou
Crossing the Line: Upkeep Wars

Canadian Yachting February 2016