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WATERFRONT Safe Boating Awareness Week We used to think that hypothermia was something that we all needed to know about cold water immersion. However, research has shown that few people who fall into cold water make it through hypothermia. They die long before. What you need to know is a simple series of numbers... 1 - 10 - 1. It is the second most important thing to remember to survive an accidental fall into cold water. If you fall into cold water: * You have 1 minute to get your breathing under control. The initial cold shock will have you gasping for air, breathing uncontrollably and probably panicking. Keeping afloat and breathing will be very difficult but concentrate on just getting your breathing under control and you can expect gasping to pass in about 1 minute. * During the next 10 minutes you will experience Cold Incapacitation and your body, in an attempt to preserve core temperature, will shunt blood to its core causing your limbs to shut down and quickly making it impossible for you to self rescue or even stay afloat. * After Cold Incapacitation, hypothermia will finally start to set in but you can expect that will take about 1 hour to become unconscious and still longer before you succumb to hypothermia. * Remember those numbers ! 1 - 10 - 1; the second most important thing to know and understand if you accidentally fall into cold water. And you already know the first! * Wear your lifejacket before you accidentally end up in cold water or you will likely be down before the count even starts. May 16 -22, 2015 FIND. NAVIGATE. DOMINATE. The Powerful, New HDS Gen2 Touch Redefining Ease-of-Use Locating fish and structure is easier than ever with our four-channel sonar, plus trackback™ view with preview pane Downscan Overlay™ and advanced sonar control features. Maximize your time on the water like never before, with exciting new insite™ mapping features, with built-in GPS antenna, our exclusive dual-chart viewing, and unique navigational tools. Built-in StructureScan® StructureScan® HD sonar imaging, plus award-winning Broadband award-winning Broadband Sounder™ with DownScan Overlay™ and TrackTrackBack™ feature. feature. Personalized or built-in Insight mapping and optional Navionics® charts. View both at once charts. in 3D perspective view, view, plus StructureMap™, and StructureMap™, Broadband Radar™. Broadband Check out our new online store! 8 Canadian Yachting Brilliant, enhanced SolarMAX™ PLUS display for superior sunlight and wider-angle viewing. wider-angle Dual Ethernet port and Ethernet port two full-sized SD card card slots and video-camera input (video camera input cable sold separately). unlock the power of HDS unlock power 1628 Duranleau Street Granville Island BC V6H 3S4 phone 604-688-2325 fax 604-668-5162 JUNE 2015

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Canadian Yachting June 2015

Vantage Point: Introduce a Friend to Boating
Waterfront: Cold Water Awareness, Easter Seals Regatta, Ask the Experts
Club Profile: Sarnia Yacht Club
Galley Guys - Cobourg Stroll
Fitness On Board Series: Part 1
Feature: Summer Antique Boat Shows and Marine Museums
Destination: Port Dover: Bikes, Perch and Dogs
Port Hole
Sail Review: Marlow-Hunter 37
Power Review: Azimut Magellano 43
Crossing the Line: Everything Old is New Again

Canadian Yachting June 2015