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TRAVEL TIPS Confident Sailor Reluctant Sailor By Rob MacLeod F or three years following our return from a year-long trip to the Bahamas and back aboard our 1981 CS36 Traditional - Sojourn, Mary and I gave a number of talks to experienced and would be cruisers about planning and executing your dream cruise. This was primarily Mary's story and she always began with the words, "It was our two kids, Kevin and Laura, who termed our first trip to the Bahamas "Living his dream - on her terms". We did it. There was no mutiny. No divorce. We have been given this opportunity to share my story - that of the very reluctant boater who actually left the dock and Toronto behind. There seem to be many people who identify with all of my niggles and fears. Are there any couples here where one is more enthusiastic about boating that the other? Well, that was us! Turns out Mary was more than a reluctant boater, she was also a reluctant speaker, and as poised as she seemed, the nerves of speaking in public, caused her to hang up her microphone after three years. For the past year and a half, we have been preparing Sojourn for a return trip to the Bahamas, leaving in 74 Canadian Yachting Mary, the Reluctant Sailor. JUNE 2016

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Vantage Point: Buy Your Boat Fuel At A Marina
Waterfront: Jeanneau BVI Owners’ Rendezvous, Readers’ Stories, Green Boating Guide
Club Profile: Charlottetown Yacht Club
International Boat Show Feature: BOOT Dusseldorf - Described as the largest boat show in Europe, the BOOT show packs 17 buildings full of every kind of boat and boating accessory that you an imagine. Walk through with John Morris and enjoy a glimpse of this massive event. By John Morris
Destination: The Magnificent Thousand Islands - Cruising in the middle of Manitouana, a wonderful land of plenty in the St.Lawrence River on a C&C 30’ bareboat charter. By Mark Stevens | Photographs by Sharon Matthews-Stevens
Salty Dog Rally: The Call of Dawg - The Dawgs convene in Hampton, Virginia each fall ahead of their journey to the BVI’s. Rich in Can Con and with equal parts partying and preparedness, the author joins this jovial group as they get ready to cruise down the Intracoastal. By John Morris
Power Review: Neptunus 650
Power Review: MJM 50z
CPS Port Hole
Sea Salt: Recipes from the West Coast Galley
Confident Sailor/Reluctant Sailor: Cruising as a Couple: Part 1 of 3 - “Our first trip to the Bahamas was ”Living his dream – on her terms”. We did it. There was no mutiny. No divorce. This is our story – that of the very reluctant boater who actually left the dock and Toronto behind. ” By Rob MacLeod
Crossing the Line: Does Racing Still Exist?

Canadian Yachting June 2016