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CLUB PROFILE Midland Bay Sailing Club Sunrise in the Fall of 2014. Credit: Lynn Lortie By Katherine Stone I n the heart of the Huronia wilderness, the Jesuits established the first French outpost outside of the area we now know as Quebec. It was called Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons in 1639. Wendake, "the land apart", was the ancestral homeland of the Huron nation. The Wendat were a matrilineal society of skilled traders and farmers. They introduced the 'three sisters' (corn, beans and squash) to the French and taught them how to grow these crops in mounds. Sadly, the mission was to last only 10 years. With the Huron decimated by disease and rising tension of more frequent Iroquois attacks, the Jesuits burned the mission to the ground and moved all inhabitants to nearby Christian Island. Today, the mission has been reconstructed on the Wye River, on the same site as a living museum depicting missionary life in the 17th century. Ask any Ontario resident what they remember best about field trips in their middle school years and you can be assured that Sainte-Marie will be top on their list. Skilled and experienced interpreters don authentic garments and teach students through "hands-on" activities to perform traditional chores of fire starting, grinding corn, tanning hides, iron smelting, or construction without nails. By the 1840s more settlers arrived to an area known as Mundy's Bay, Harley's Landing and Aberdare. When the area was selected as the western terminus of MBSC Clubhouse at sunset on that perfect summer night. Credit: Lynn Lortie 14 C a n a d i a n Y a c h t i n g MAY 2016

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Vantage Point: Wood you ever go back?
Waterfront: Marine News
Club Profile: Midland Bay Sailing Club
Boat Handling: Embarrassment-free Docking Tips - Docking your boat is not rocket science but it also can be intimidating. Follow these clearly outlined techniques to improve your docking performance. By Brenda and Doug Dawson
Shafts and Propellers: Props Part 2 - Part 2 focusses on the other parts of your drive system that can be critical to either maximizing your propellor’s effectives, or robbing it of the ability to perfom its best. By Rob MacLeod
Destination: Azores - The Shards take sabbatical in the Portuguese islands of the Azores in the middle of their transatlantic crossing. Offering stunning landscapes steeped in history, this traditional provisioning waypoint for pilots and sailors is now a blossoming charter destination. By Sheryl Shard, Photos by Paul and Sheryl Shard
Behind the Scenes: MJM Yachts - Made exclusively by Boston BoatWorks, learn how MJM combines old principles of boat design with modern techniques to produce, light, stable and extremely fuel-efficient yachts. By Kate Fincham
Sail Review: Marlow-Hunter 31
Power Review: Jeanneau Leader 46
Power Review: Everglades 230 CC
Crossing the Line: The 180-second Workout

Canadian Yachting May 2016