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POWER REVIEW | LEADER 46 Jeanneau's New Beauty Queen By Kate Fincham and John Armstrong Striking looks and and industry-leading features distinguish the new Leader 46 by Jeanneau. Credit: Jeanneau/Jerome Kelagopian Style, beauty and grace; these are all traits that both pageant queens and Jeanneau's new Leader 46 have in common. With sleek lines, a chic cream and walnut interior and welldesigned spaces for entertaining and relaxation, this yacht is an expression of class and style. Captain John Armstrong and I had the pleasure of taking this yacht on a two-hour sea trial out of Dania Beach, Florida, in early March. One of the things that initially struck me was the multi-functionality of the design- the boat recommends itself to warm, sunny Florida days as much as it would to a cooler Canadian fall day. Partly, this depends on your choice of the fully open salon and cockpit, or the optional opening glass bulkhead. The 50 boat is available either way, so the climate-controlled salon (equipped with both AC and heating) can be either fully enclosed or opened up to the air. With the touch of a button, the optional aft bulkhead window can be raised (where it automatically latches to the overhanging roof), seamlessly integrating the salon with the cockpit and stern-facing couch/lounger. At the same time, the forward third section of the cabin roof retracts to provide ample access to the outdoors, and the helm and passenger lounge side windows slide open. All of these features combined, are capable of completely changing C a n a d i a n Y a c h t i n g MAY 2016

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Vantage Point: Wood you ever go back?
Waterfront: Marine News
Club Profile: Midland Bay Sailing Club
Boat Handling: Embarrassment-free Docking Tips - Docking your boat is not rocket science but it also can be intimidating. Follow these clearly outlined techniques to improve your docking performance. By Brenda and Doug Dawson
Shafts and Propellers: Props Part 2 - Part 2 focusses on the other parts of your drive system that can be critical to either maximizing your propellor’s effectives, or robbing it of the ability to perfom its best. By Rob MacLeod
Destination: Azores - The Shards take sabbatical in the Portuguese islands of the Azores in the middle of their transatlantic crossing. Offering stunning landscapes steeped in history, this traditional provisioning waypoint for pilots and sailors is now a blossoming charter destination. By Sheryl Shard, Photos by Paul and Sheryl Shard
Behind the Scenes: MJM Yachts - Made exclusively by Boston BoatWorks, learn how MJM combines old principles of boat design with modern techniques to produce, light, stable and extremely fuel-efficient yachts. By Kate Fincham
Sail Review: Marlow-Hunter 31
Power Review: Jeanneau Leader 46
Power Review: Everglades 230 CC
Crossing the Line: The 180-second Workout

Canadian Yachting May 2016