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WATERFRONT A Cornerstone at Kerrwil: Lynn Lortie Retires the Office and Opens the Sails on a New Chapter When the backbone of our office crew announced that her final day of work would be April 1st, of course nobody took it very seriously. However, as the day approached, it became more apparent that Lynn Lortie was not working on an elaborate April Fools prank. After six years of extremely cheerful telephone greetings and a can-do attitude toward any task that cannot be matched, Lynn retired from Kerrwil Publications on April 1st. During her time at Kerrwil, Lynn spearheaded many daunting projects, not the least of which was print ad production, trade show organization, extensive online directory creation and exemplary customer service. She and her husband, Pat, were also yearly fixtures representing Canadian Yachting at the Toronto Boat Show. You don't have to lose sight of Lynn just yet though. She and Pat will be setting sail this July from the Midland Sailing Club (see club Lynn Lortie at the helm of Adamant 1 profile on page 14) as they make their way into the Great Loop and head out on a three year sailing odyssey. At CY we'll be chronicling their travels and experiences in the form of a blog at We will miss Credit: Pat Lortie Lynn's presence a great deal and know that any of our colleagues and readers who have had the good fortune to know Lynn will join us in wishing her safe travels and an abundance of adventure along the way. Send Us Your Story From time to time Canadian Yachting will be featuring stories submitted by you, our readers, with any boating experiences you may want to share. They can be about anything to do with boating, your tips and tricks, your favourite anchorage, trips gone wrong, planning for a long cruise......we're interested in reading it all. Please send your submission to Terri Hodgson at, complete with any photos and video that accompany your story. We'll publish one reader story in each CY Onboard newsletter, which is sent out twice monthly across Canada. All complete submitted stories will be published online at Photo: Terri Hodgson 6 C a n a d i a n Y a c h t i n g MAY 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Canadian Yachting May 2016

Vantage Point: Wood you ever go back?
Waterfront: Marine News
Club Profile: Midland Bay Sailing Club
Boat Handling: Embarrassment-free Docking Tips - Docking your boat is not rocket science but it also can be intimidating. Follow these clearly outlined techniques to improve your docking performance. By Brenda and Doug Dawson
Shafts and Propellers: Props Part 2 - Part 2 focusses on the other parts of your drive system that can be critical to either maximizing your propellor’s effectives, or robbing it of the ability to perfom its best. By Rob MacLeod
Destination: Azores - The Shards take sabbatical in the Portuguese islands of the Azores in the middle of their transatlantic crossing. Offering stunning landscapes steeped in history, this traditional provisioning waypoint for pilots and sailors is now a blossoming charter destination. By Sheryl Shard, Photos by Paul and Sheryl Shard
Behind the Scenes: MJM Yachts - Made exclusively by Boston BoatWorks, learn how MJM combines old principles of boat design with modern techniques to produce, light, stable and extremely fuel-efficient yachts. By Kate Fincham
Sail Review: Marlow-Hunter 31
Power Review: Jeanneau Leader 46
Power Review: Everglades 230 CC
Crossing the Line: The 180-second Workout

Canadian Yachting May 2016