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ancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary
& Graduate School will celebrate the
accomplishments of Philadelphia graduates
from the classes of December 2019, May
and December 2020 and December 2021 on June
19. LBC | Capital President Dr. Thomas L. Kiedis will
address graduates and their guests at Deliverance
Evangelistic Church. In total, 68 Philadelphia
students met the requirements for graduation
throughout these classes.
" The past year has been challenging, with the
pandemic and civil unrest, remote learning and
working from home for our students and their
families, " said Dr. Tanya Solomon, LBC | Capital
- Philadelphia Site Director. " Moreover, many
experienced distance from their loved ones in the
midst of illness and bereavement. The Philadelphia
location in particular suffered the loss of two
beloved students during this time, Ralph Pettiford
(Human Services) in 2020 and Erin Tokley (Biblical
Studies) in 2021. Despite the uncertainty of the
COVID-19 era and the adjustments that social
distancing and capacity limits required, our students
showed up and performed well. We are so proud of
our graduates for 2020 and 2021-their resilience
and perseverance. May God continue to bless each
of them and their endeavors as He prepares them
to go out and serve! "
Amira Williams ('21), a Biblical Studies major,
shares her career aspirations and service to her
community below.
To become a
licensed funeral
I will be attending
Community College
- Bethlehem this
summer to complete
the prerequisites
courses and additional classes to major in the
Funeral Service Education & Associate in Applied
Science in fall 2022.
PHILADELPHIA: When I began attending LBC |
Capital - Philadelphia in January 2020, it was one
of the most exciting and terrifying months of my
life. The simple answer to why I enjoyed my time at
LBC is, of course, the fellowship with the students,
faculty/staff, obtaining an education in Biblical
Studies and a stronger foundation in my Christian
faith, but there is more.
The support and freedom from my professors to
ask questions in the classroom about what I was
learning made it a safe, loving environment. They
never treated any question as insignificant and
answered each one with care, sometimes opening
it up to the class for a group discussion. We were
given the ability, as students, to think for ourselves,
with our professors praying and guiding us along
the way. I feel more equipped to go out into the
world, knowing what I believe, with the desire to
express it and grow more in it.
I arrived at LBC a very broken woman. Events in the
past year had shattered a lot of things for me. But
through the loving faith and care of my professors,
who had no reason to invest in me, healing was
found because they lived the call of serving the
Savior by serving the least of these-me. I found
confidence in God and myself as well as hope and
strength. I finally understand what it means to be
fully loved by God, and I became a new creation
with a regenerate heart-thank you, Jesus. Without
a doubt, God has His hand over my entire life.
I gained: a multitude of lifelong, meaningful
relationships with fellow believers who spoke truth
into my life and encouraged me with grace-really
amazing people whom the Holy Spirit is working
through, and He brought them into my life when I
needed them most; a much better grasp of God's
purpose for my life; invaluable ministry experiences
through worship as a member of Student Council,
campus Chapel Ministry and the amazing Ally
Center; real world studies of how to uphold my
faith within my new profession; and, most of all, a
year and a half of cherished memories in a Christcentered
learning environment-all of which I
don't think would have been adequately supplied
if I would have attended any other college or
university. There's something about LBC.
HOW I SERVE MY COMMUNITY: I'm a behindthe-scenes
type of person, and I try to do for others
without them knowing it was me. I volunteer at
the Clarence Johnson Jr. Funeral Home in Yeadon,
Pennsylvania, where I serve as a funeral attendant
responsible for various tasks, such as organizing
flower arrangements and lighting, greeting and
escorting mourners, praying with families and
participating in services if needed.
I also enjoy serving at F.A.V.O.R. (Faces and Voices
of Reason) in Phoenixville. As a Site Manager/
Facilitator, I visit with organizations, schools,
businesses, agencies, individuals and students to
provide life skills training, coaching support and
professional development.
Lastly, I serve as the Director of Volunteerism for
The R.E.F.U.G.E. Hub (Restoring Each Family Unit,
Giving Empowerment) in Montgomeryville. My
responsibility is to gather volunteers for events
throughout the calendar year. We serve food to
homeless and low-income families, pass out coats
and blankets during the winter months, donate
turkeys during the holidays and provide clothes to
those in need, to name a few.
God is sovereign over my life. He is in control;
it's His hand guiding and drawing me closer to
Him. At Lancaster Bible College, I not only gained
knowledge but also wisdom from God to operate as
a light in our world and in my spheres of influence.
NAME: Erica Henry ('21)
MAJOR: Human Services
GRADUATION: Pursue a career
in Christian counseling
It is an environment filled with
possibilities for personal growth
and spiritual growth. It stands
as a community of leaders and
individuals who personally served
me and helped me complete my
life goals.
| CAPITAL IS: It is a thriving
community with an open
revolving door of commitment,
producing well-rounded
individuals with a godly worldview.
As a listener, encourager and a
best friend

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