2022-23 President's Report - 2

When we open the pages of Scripture, we never see the Apostle Paul
wringing his hands in worry. God is in control. He's got this! Paul writes to his
friends in Ephesus: " Therefore consider carefully how you live-not as
unwise but as wise, taking advantage of every opportunity, because
the days are evil. " -Ephesians 5:15-16. That's what good stewards do; they
leverage the moment for God's purposes. Or to take a line from Paul's word
to Timothy about spreading the gospel: " be ready in season and out of
season " -2 Timothy 4:2.
Ready in every season! That's what we want to be at LBC. Readiness hinges
on being stewards, maximizing and multiplying God's resources. Readiness is being nimble, never compromising
mission, always focused on Christ, always tuned to the work of the Spirit.
As we celebrate our 90th anniversary year, LBC is laying the foundation that enables us to be ready in every
season, maintaining our strong missional focus while delivering educational programs that equip students to find
and play their part in God's great story of redemption.
Dr. Thomas L. Kiedis
Lancaster Bible College is celebrating 90 years of " educating Christian
students to think and live and biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by
serving Him in the Church and society. "
That's 90 years of staying on mission-90 years of impacting the world
for Christ. A tiny Bible school that began in Lancaster is graduating
students in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., online and worldwide through
partnerships in Uganda, Brazil and beyond.
I often remind our Board of Trustees that we are entrusted with the
mission of LBC. All decisions-from programs to people, from bricks to
clicks-are filtered through our mission. And it takes all of us: board, alumni, friends, parents, faculty and
staff. For nine decades, God has worked through people like you and me to support the ministry of LBC.
This 2022-23 President's Report shows the work of many hands who are leading and serving faithfully. At
90 years, LBC is rooted in the past, preparing in the present and building for the future.
Phil Clemens
Chair of the Board of Trustees

2022-23 President's Report

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