2023 Annual Accomplishments - 1

* Membership Growth: LeadingAge PA welcomed a record-breaking 61 new
provider members in 2023, while maintaining an approximately 98% retention
Ř A warm welcome to the fastest growing part of the ecosystem in
membership: LIFE Providers
* Affinity Groups: Expanded from 5 to 9 Affinity Groups, offering members
regular opportunities to connect and learn from others in their areas of
* Leaders of Color: Launched the Pennsylvania chapter of Leaders of Color
As we reflect on 2023, we invite you
to take a few minutes to celebrate
the milestones, advocacy wins,
impactful education, and more that
defined LeadingAge PA's 60th year
as an association with us.
Thank you for being a part of this
mission-driven, forward-thinking
* Ageless Art & Timeless Treasures: Hosted the Ageless Art & Timeless Treasures
Exhibition and Gala to celebrate senior artists residing at LeadingAge PA
member communities and dispel the myths of ageism through art.
* Grassroots Advocacy: Expanded use of the VoterVoice system to increase
grassroots advocacy efforts. 535 new users (more than double from 2022) and
over 1,555 emails (compared to 700 in 2022) were sent to state and federal
policymakers in 2023 on key priorities.
* Legislative Meetings: Held over 125 meetings with legislators and staff in PA
General Assembly.
* LIFE Rate Methodology Initiative: Initiated recurring meeting with Deputy
Secretary of OLTL and LIFE providers to advance efforts in working toward a
better rate methodology.
* Member Concerns: Assisted numerous members in elevating and resolving
their specific concerns including refuting survey citations and recovering
monies owed including over $1 million in assessment funds owed to a
* LeadingAge PA PAC: Record fundraising for LeadingAge PA's political action
committee (40% increase from 2022), a critical tool in helping give the issues
and priorities of our members greater visibility and voice in Harrisburg.
* Medicaid Funding Increase: $31.6 million in additional annual Medicaid
funding secured for nursing homes in the 2023-2024 state budget.
* LTSS Evolve: Launched the LTSS Evolve movement to address antiquated,
outdated, and redundant requirements across the aging services ecosystem,
with successful progress on 3 initial priorities.
* Workforce Legislation Gains Ground:
Ř Advanced legislation (SB 668) through the state senate to implement a
medication aide program for nursing homes (with reciprocity to personal
care homes and assisted living residences)
Ř Worked with Senators David Argall and Michele Brooks to introduce a 3-part
workforce development package
* Staffing Ratio Flexibility: Advocated for and received needed flexibility for how
the PA Department of Health interprets the new state staffing ratios. Created
calculator tool to help members plan ahead for implementation.
https://www.leadingagepa.org/workforce/affinity-groups https://www.leadingagepa.org/education-events/ageless-art-and-timeless-treasures-exhibition https://www.leadingagepa.org/education-events/ageless-art-and-timeless-treasures-exhibition https://www.leadingagepa.org/advocacy-policy/take-action https://www.leadingagepa.org/advocacy-policy/donate-to-the-pac https://www.leadingagepa.org/advocacy-policy/donate-to-the-pac https://www.leadingagepa.org/advocacy-policy/ltss-evolve-pa

2023 Annual Accomplishments

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2023 Annual Accomplishments - 1
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