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With retirement comes
many questions. Luckily,
our experts are ready to
help you with your journey.
Q: How can retirees address the
concern of not running out of money
in retirement?
A: Since retirees may be living largely off
their savings, that money should be protected
in case of a recession or market downturn.
Being more conservative in retirement can be
beneficial. However, retirement savings also
needs to earn enough gains to keep up with
inflation. An experienced financial advisor
should be able to put together a comprehensive
financial plan to recommend the right mix of
investments towards keeping some money safe
while allowing a portion of your portfolio to
grow. To have a detailed plan as you approach
retirement, one should seek the advice of an
advisor experienced in retirement preparation.
Some may offer cookie-cutter options for
financial plans, but I believe in, and offer a
retirement investment plan customized to
your individual goals and situation. For full
disclosures visit
Patrick Ayers, President/CEO
Ayers Financial Services
care of for life - whether they eventually need
assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing
care or even inpatient therapy - Brandon
Oaks has them covered. That peace of mind,
combined with amazing amenities including
a heated salt water pool, full calendar of
social and wellness events, two dining venues,
housekeeping, maintenance and more, are why
our resident always say they should have made
the move sooner.
Carter Hanna, Director of
Sales and Marketing
Brandon Oaks Life Plan Community
Q: When thinking about my end-oflife
medical care, how do I make sure
my wishes are met?
A: Planning for the end-of-life takes time and
thought, but it can be a lasting gift for you and
your family. Families who plan well often
report feeling confidence knowing their loved
one's wishes were honored.
What may feel complicated can be simplified
with three questions:
1. Would you want to be cared for at home or
in another setting, like a long-term care
Q: Will I have to give up
independence if I move to a
retirement community?
Q: Is a Life Plan community different
than a retirement community?
A: A Life Plan community is a type of
retirement community. Brandon Oaks is unique
because it offers residents the ability to move
through the continuum of care without a
change in their monthly service fees once they
become a resident. That means our residents
have the comfort of knowing they will be taken
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A: Absolutely not. You're not trading
independence for greater security-in fact,
quite the opposite. You get added security and
support while maintaining your independence.
Most often, people who move into the
Independent Living segment of our community
feel more daily freedom than when they were
living in the home they'd occupied for decades.
That's because household maintenance and
chores are taken care of, so they can focus
on whatever it is they really want to do-and
there's a lot happening right on campus! Also,
at BRC at least, we also focus on maximizing
independence even in Assisted Living and
Nursing Households where the need for daily
support is greater. But residents still get to
make a lot of decisions about how they live.
Rodney Alderfer, President
Bridgewater Retirement Community
2. What medical care would you want? For
example, if your heart stopped beating,
would you want CPR? Or a feeding tube if
your ability to swallow was impaired?
3. Who would you want to make medical decisions
on your behalf if you could not? This
trusted friend or family member should be a
mentally competent adult who understands
and will follow your wishes.
Put your wishes on paper by completing an advance
care directive (living will) and a medical
power of attorney. Give a copy of your finalized
documents to your physician and loved ones.
Visit for expert resources
about end-of-life planning.
Lisa Sprinkel, M.S.N, R.N.,
Vice President, Carilion Clinic Home
Care & Hospice

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