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Q: If I hire a mover, what kind of
insurance can I expect to be
A: The law requires movers to offer a minimum
of .60 per lb. for damaged goods. If a chair
leg breaks, the mover is obligated to weigh
the chair and give you only .60 per lb. That is
not really insurance, but that is the industry
standard. Insurance can be purchased
separately from the moving company but
it is expensive, especially if you want a low
deductible. Paying for your own repair is
generally more cost effective.
Linda Balentine, President
Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
Q: What sets Good Samaritan apart
from other hospices?
A: As a mission focused organization, our
promise from inception has been to meet and
respond to the advanced illness needs of our
communities. Because we are independent and
unrestrained by a larger healthcare system,
we are able to do so quickly and nimbly. In
2020 Good Sam expanded services with the
addition of a palliative care program, providing
disease management and supportive care for
those living with serious or advanced illness. In
2024, Good Sam will be opening the Center for
Caring, the first freestanding, inpatient hospice
facility to serve southwest Virginia.
Good Sam employs a full time medical
Q: How can you help me prepare for
A: We help Retirees plan for a comfortable
living so they can focus on enjoying the
life they want through a comprehensive
process that takes you from work life and
asset accumulation to retirement freedom
and income distributions. The first steps are
to explore your current situation, establish
goals for retirement living, and identify gaps
for improvement. The result is you can Live
Your Best Life and we are there helping you
continually move forward!
Steven J Devlin, Senior Financial Consultant,
Freedom First
director, Dr. Jennifer Easterday, who is board
certified in hospice and palliative medicine.
We are able to have physician input and orders
immediately, which is a direct benefit to the
care of our patients. Additionally, Good Sam
maintains family bereavement care for more
than a year after a loved one's death, as well
as the community at large. At Good Sam, our
mission is that no one walks the journey alone.
Scotti Hartman, CFRE
Vice President of Business
Development, Good Samaritan
www.GoodSam care
and transportation for participants. If a family
member or a friend is unable to go with you,
a member of your care team can accompany
you. All medical care will be coordinated
through a customized approach at the local
InnovAge PACE Center. The doctors and many
members of the medical team are experts in
senior healthcare and are dedicated to giving
personalized care to each participant. You
can read more about the program at www.
Eric Beasley
Senior Director of Business
Q: How Do Entrance Fees Work at
Kendal at Lexington?
A: Residents enter into a Residence and Care
Agreement (contract) with Kendal at Lexington
by paying a one-time entry fee and ongoing
monthly fees that cover a residence, services
and amenities and a comprehensive package of
health care services including long-term care.
Jessica Buhler
Kendal at Lexington
Q: When is the Annual Enrollment
Period for Medicare Recipients to
make changes to their healthcare
Q: Do all retirement communities
require an entrance fee?
A: No! At Friendship, Independent Living residents
simply pay a small one-time move-in fee
and then a monthly fee. Friendship's Independent
Living residents, are able to still enjoy all
of the same amenities such as maintenancefree
living, security, transportation to shopping,
dining, entertainment, award-winning therapy
and healthcare services, on-campus pharmacy,
and much more!
Jessica Whitaker, Director of Marketing
Friendship Health & Living Community
A: The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare
recipients is October 15th-December 7th. There
are some Special Enrollment Periods throughout
the rest of the year for people with special
Tiffany Zambrana
Humana Marketpoint
Q: As I plan for retirement, I will
need to sell my home. Where do I
For an easy transition to your new home, I can help!
Q: I really like my specialist (cardiologist,
oncologist, etc.) Can I keep
seeing him/her after I join PACE?
A: InnovAge has a network of medical
specialists in each community. If your
specialist is already in the InnovAge network,
you may be able to see the same specialist.
If the care is approved by your medical team,
but your specialist is not in the InnovAge
network, InnovAge will coordinate your care
with an in-network specialist. Our PACE clinics
arrange all specialty medical appointments
A: Beginning the process of selling your
home can be challenging and stressful. It's
important to know what you should and
shouldn't do in terms of preparing for a sale.
Some maintenance items will need to be
addressed, but many improvements can
be left to new homeowners choices and
personal preferences. I offer a no commitment
assessment of homes and advise the owner
how to be spend their dollars in preparation
for the sale of their home. It is a big part
of your retirement strategy and having a
knowledgeable REALTOR is important.
SOLD over 45 million since 2016.
Rick Payne
MKB Realtors
Impeccable Service, Remarkable Results!
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