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Q: My Mother recently passed away.
It now falls on me as the Executor of
her estate to settle her affairs. I am
so overwhelmed! Where do I begin?
A: Start with your family attorney. They will
guide you as to the proper steps to take to
file and report the necessary paperwork.
Next, after all heirs have been notified, hire
an experienced estate seller who is properly
licensed in real estate as well as the selling
of personal property. If you are not sure how
to go about this, ask a trusted advisor, such as
an accountant, lawyer, banker or close family
friend. You will want to make sure the selling
company is trustworthy. There are several
agencies such as the Better Business Bureau
and trade groups such as the Auctioneer's
Association or the Association of Realtors who
can verify membership. Once you have decided
an estate settlement company, together you
can formulate a plan of action to transfer
assets to the next owner.
Mountain City Realty &
Auction, LLC
Q: Why choose Oakey's for Advance
A: At Oakey's when you speak with someone
about advance planning, you are speaking with
an Oakey's employee who lives and works in
the Roanoke Valley. Our licensed staff has ties
to the community and understands your needs.
We also are able to assist you when you have
questions or changes that need to be made.
Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful
and practical decision to make for your family.
Whether you prefer a traditional service,
contemporary service or cremation service you
should put those requests in writing. This will
allow you to be remembered in a very specific
and special way. Your requests are important
to your family members and it will give them
peace of mind to know that they have carried
out your wishes. In addition, your family
members won't have to speculate about what
you may have wanted. They can more clearly
focus on the celebration of your life.
Advance Planning:
Lorraine Cunningham, Vice President
Oakey Service Company
800-638-0710 or locally at
Q: What is not-for-profit senior
A: Not all senior living communities are owned
by hospitals, medical entities, or large corporations.
Richfield Living is proud to be a not-forprofit
senior living community and governed
by a Board of Directors that give freely of their
time and expertise on a strictly volunteer basis.
The investment made for you or your loved
one to live here goes right back into the
community, not into shareholders' pockets. Our
profits go toward improving every phase of a
resident's journey, including short-term rehab
and nursing care to independent residential
living, assisted living, and memory care.
We feature a rental model, which means
there's no buy-in fee and you're not locked
into a long-term contract. You get many of the
same perks of the buy-in option but have more
financial flexibility and retain complete control
of your (or your loved one's) assets.
We aren't beholden to any outside entities,
and we honor each resident's financial
commitment. That's a benefit that often makes
the biggest difference for our families.
Cherie Grisso
Chief Executive Officer, Richfield
Q: What options are available for
Cremation Burial?
A: You may be interred in a regular burial
space, Sherwood allows up to two cremation
burials or a full burial and a cremation burial
in each space. Niches come with stone or
glass fronts and allow you to be creative when
honoring your loved one!
Susan Mini, President/CEO
Sherwood Memorial Park
Q: Why would I have to use the
Transitional Care Center?
A: As a patient, going home after a stay in
the hospital or inpatient rehabilitation center
can be an exciting time but also comes with
uncertainty and the unknown. Our team at
the Universal Transitional Care Center will
assist you with the transition home with easy
access to our providers. You can secure an
appointment at our office within 24 to 48 hours
after you arrive home. This will help with your
transition, medication refills, wound follow ups
and any new issues that may arise. We can be
your medical team for a short period of time as
you secure your appointment with your normal
primary provider.
Q: Are you considering a retirement
community setting for a loved one
who needs extra assistance?
A: We advise doing the following when
researching: (1) Visit multiple communities
(2) Request a tour and anticipate spending
1-2 hours with the admissions staff (3) Get to
know the management team (4) Ask about the
community's financial stability (5) Learn about
the community's care offerings (6) Ask about
infection control plans and how the community
is protecting its residents and staff while
balancing connection with family members and
loved ones.
Brent Poff, Administrator
Salem Terrace
Alfonso Brochero, MD, CMD
President & Chief Medical Officer
Q: Why is lifelong learning important
during your senior years?
A: Learning a new skill or topic allows our
brain to work in different ways and protects our
cognitive health. That's why lifelong learning
programs, like our RUI University, are designed
to provide intellectual engagement and social
connection to our residents and visitors.
Established in 2017, RUI University offers
semester-based courses through partnerships
with universities, colleges and museums
by coupling lectures, outings and hands-on
Q: Is Scott Hill an Assisted Living
Q: What sets Peace Haven apart
from other home care services?
A: Peace Haven has specialized programs
personalized to your loved one's needs.
Peace Haven Home Care Services
46 / / RETIRE-VA 2023
A: Scott Hill is not an assisted living community,
rather it is an Independent Retirement
Community offering spacious apartments for
individuals who are 62 or older or disabled individuals
who qualify for Handicap facilities. Rent
is based on income making Scott Hill an affordable
and valuable choice.
Tonia Spainhour
Marketing Director
540-862-5741 ext. 4
Mary-Katelyn Hansford,
RUI University Academic Administrator
Retirement Unlimited, Inc/
Woodland Hills Community

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