Retire VA 23 - 36

3935 Sunnyside Drive, Suite A
Harrisonburg; 800-237-2257
Sunnyside, a Life Plan
Community (CCRC),
provides superior senior
living in Harrisonburg,
giving you choices to be
independent and live well.
The Glebe
200 The Glebe Blvd
Daleville, VA 24083
The Glebe is a Life Plan
community where
excellent service, the
spirit of hospitality and
commitment to exceptional
healthcare are the highest
priorities. The 65-acre
campus boasts spectacular
views of the Allegheny and
Blue Ridge mountains.
Warm Hearth Village
2387 Warm Hearth Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060
We are a nonprofit
community fostering
a person-centered
approach to gaining in
an inclusive environment
that redefines retirement.
Set on a 220-acre
woodland campus among
600 of the best neighbors
you'll find anywhere!
Highly trained and
licensed health care
staff for skilled and
customized nursing
care, including physical,
occupational and speech
The Glebe, a LifeSpire
of Virginia community,
supports residents in a
variety of ways through
everyday living such
as skilled healthcare,
transportation, culinary
and wellness.
With over 49 years of
experience caring for
seniors, Warm Hearth
Village is the New River
Valley's only comprehensive
retirement community.
Living options include Active
Adult, Independent Living,
Assisted Living, Long-term
Nursing Care, Skilled Care
and In-home Care.
Full continuum of servicesIndependent
Living, Assisted
Living, Memory Support and
Skilled Nursing (short-term and
long term).
Located on more than 150
acres, Sunnyside is surrounded
by breathtaking mountain
views, picturesque landscapes
and complemented by awardwinning
At the Glebe, residents enjoy
living an active maintenancefree
lifestyle with engaging
community-based services
and amenities. As healthcare
needs change, residents remain
on-site and receive higher levels
of care.
Fitch Ratings affirmed
LifeSpire of Virginia at 'BBB'
with a stable outlook, a strong
indicator of financial stability.
social, spiritual,
recreational, educational
and cultural programs,
transportation, comprehensive
home care and priority
admission to the continuum of
living options.
Village Center with indoor pool,
fitness center and community
gathering spaces, on-site dining
venues and walking trails
throughout the 220-acre village.
Carilion Clinic onsite. Recognized
as Blacksburg's Best Retirement
Community by Virginia Living
Magazine and Best Place to
Work by the Montgomery County
Chamber of Commerce.
3. Appraise for Insurance: Obtain professional
appraisals to ensure that it's adequately
insured to protect against loss, theft, or
4. Sell It: Selling it can provide financial value.
Consider selling to local jewelers or local
auction houses.
Q: I have started my end-of-life planning.
What should I do with my estate jewelry?
A: Deciding what to do with your estate jewelry
depends on your personal preferences, financial
goals, and sentimental attachments. Here are
some options to consider:
1. Gift It: Share the joy of estate jewelry
with your loved ones by gifting pieces to
family members or close friends. Passing
down heirloom jewelry can create lasting
2. Repurpose or Redesign: If some of the
jewelry items don't align with your taste, you
can work with a skilled jeweler to repurpose
or redesign them into new pieces that better
suit your style.
5. Donate It: Charitable donations of estate jewelry
can support causes close to your heart
and potentially offer tax benefits.
Involve family members with open discussions
to understand each person's preferences and
sentiments. This can help ensure an amicable
distribution of the jewelry. If you decide not to
sell or wear the estate jewelry immediately,
ensure proper storage in a safe and secure place
to maintain its condition and value.
These decisions can be challenging. Seek
advice from family members, appraisers, or
estate planning professionals. Reach out to
AmRhein's Fine Jewelry to help you with your
appraisals and estate jewelry needs.
Tom Sells, III, Co-Owner, Graduate
Gemologist, General Manager
AmRhein's Fine Jewelry
Q: How can I minimize the effect that inflation,
tax law changes, and market uncertainty
will have on my investments and
retirement timeline?
A: A sound retirement plan is based on an investor's
individual goals and an analysis of the whole
financial landscape, not fear or uncertainty. It
requires a shift from " I'm scared this will happen,
so I think I should do this " to " Should this happen,
36 / RETIRE-VA 2024
we've already planned for it. " To best position
yourself, partner with an experienced advisor
who will create a comprehensive financial plan
that will address five specific areas including
taxes, investments, estate planning, income,
and healthcare. A comprehensive approach
will help break it all down and show you a plan
for now and for what could be. Inflation affects
expenditures as well as savings and should be
reviewed on an ongoing basis. Tax law implications
must be considered to minimize the
amount of monies being wasted unnecessarily.
To feel confident about your financial plan, you
should know it was customized for you, it covers
every aspect of your retirement landscape, and
is being revised continually. Working with a tax
savvy financial professional can help you achieve
these goals. Our firm does not offer tax preparation.
We offer tax strategies related to investing
and retirement income. For full disclosures visit
Patrick Ayers, President/CEO
Ayers Financial Services
Q: Is a Life Plan community different than
a retirement community?
A: A Life Plan community is a type of retirement
community. Brandon Oaks is unique because
if offers residents the ability to move through
the continuum of care without a change in their
monthly service fees once they become a resident.
That means, our residents have the comfort
of knowing they will be taken care of for life
- whether they eventually need assisted living,
memory support, skilled nursing or even inpatient
With retirement comes many questions.
Luckily, our experts are ready to help
you with your journey. http://www.AYERSFINANCIAL.COM

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