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therapy - Brandon Oaks has them covered. That
peace of mind, combined with amazing amenities
such as a heated salt water pool, dog park, full
calendar of social and wellness activities, and
two dining venues are why our residents say they
should have made the move sooner.
Carter Hanna,
Director of Sales and Marketing
Brandon Oaks Life Plan Community
(540) 777-5602;
Q: When thinking about my end-of-life
medical care, how do I make sure my
wishes are met?
A: Planning ahead for the end of life can be a
lasting gift to yourself and your family. Families
that plan well often report feeling confidence
knowing their loved one's wishes were honored.
If it feels complicated, simplify it by considering
three questions:
1. Would I want to be cared for at home or
in another setting, like a long-term care
2. What medical care would I want if, for
example, my heart stopped beating or if my
ability to swallow was impaired?
3. Who would I want to make medical decisions
on my behalf if I cannot? (This trusted friend
or family member should be a mentally
competent adult who understands and will
follow your wishes.)
Put your wishes in writing by completing an
advance care directive (living will) and a medical
power of attorney. Be sure to give your physician
and your loved ones copies of your finalized
Visit for expert
resources about end-of-life planning.
Lisa Sprinkel, M.S.N, R.N., Vice President
Carilion Clinic Home Care and Hospice
Q: What Makes Crowning Touch A Senior
Moving Company?
A: We are certified Senior Move Managers,
trained to address the special needs of downsizing
seniors. We help with the sorting, organizing
and planning prior to a move. We do detailed
packing and unpacking. We sell what the family
no longer wants in our consignment shop or auction
house and split the revenue 50/50 to offset
the moving cost and we have a certified Senior
Real Estate Specialist to sell the home if needed.
We even find new homes for plants and pets. We
are a one stop shop, handling all the details a
standard moving company does not handle.
Linda Balentine, President
Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
Q: How do I decide what to donate versus
sell when I'm downsizing?
A: Tools, tools, and more tools sell easily. A weed
eater will generally bring more than a set of
stemware. Appliances that run well are highly
valued, like washers and dryers. Electronics in
general, especially newer model TV's, sell very
well. Forget pianos and formal dining room furniture
like china cabinets. There is also dwindlng
demand for formal china itself, and none for
silverplate. Outdoor and casual furniture should
sell well at 1/3rd of the original price.
Linda Balentine, President
Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
Q: What is the difference between
non-profit and for-profit retirement
A: Most retirement communities are for-profit
corporations, and many are owned by national
companies. On the other hand, non-profit retirement
communities like Friendship are typically
more invested in the local communities they
serve and as nonstock companies are " owned " by
the citizens.
Both nonprofit and for-profit communities
must comply with the same rules and regulations;
however, for-profit communities with
shareholders and private owners are typically
focused on profits, while nonprofit retirement
communities are motivated by mission.
Non-profit communities can also be differentiated
by a commitment to provide financial
support to their tenants and residents and their
ability to invest profits back to the mission,
often in the form of capital expenditures for the
facilities, equipment, amenities, programs, and
The status of a retirement community can tell
you a lot about how it is managed, so it's a good
idea to ask about this when you visit!
Mike Shannon, Chief Financial Officer
Friendship Health & Living Community
(540) 777-4044
Q: How do you know it may be time for
your loved one to make the move to
assisted living?
A: Think back over the past year and your visits
with your loved one. Do you recall any of the following
* It's getting harder for them to safely maneuver
around the house.
* They have experienced at least one fall or are
at higher risk of falling.
* Meal preparation is becoming more difficult.
* You've noticed signs of hunger or that nutritional
needs aren't being met.
* They need more assistance with activities of
daily life (getting dressed, bathing, managing
medications, etc.).
* You have worries about their isolation and
If any of these issues ring a bell, it may be time to
explore assisted living options. Getting your loved
one a helping hand is beneficial in improving their
physical and mental well-being. Assisted living
facilities like those at Friendship Salem Terrace
and Friendship Assisted Living can help with
clinical care, dietary support, housekeeping, and
laundry along with providing daily activities and
social interactions. Not only does assisted living
significantly improve the quality of life for the
person needing assistance; it can also make life
easier for the main caregivers.
Brent Poff, Administrator
Friendship Salem Terrace
Q: What sets Good Samaritan apart from
other hospices?
A: As a mission focused organization, our
promise from inception has been to meet and
respond to the advanced illness needs of our
communities. Because we are independent and
unrestrained by a larger healthcare system, we
are able to do so quickly and nimbly. In 2020 Good
Sam expanded services with the addition of a
palliative care program, providing disease management
and supportive care for those living with
serious or advanced illness. In 2024, Good Sam
will be opening the Center for Caring, the first
freestanding, inpatient hospice facility to serve
southwest Virginia.
Good Sam employs a full time medical director,
Dr. Jennifer Easterday, who is board certified
in hospice and palliative medicine. We are able
to have physician input and orders immediately,
which is a direct benefit to the care of our
patients. Additionally, Good Sam maintains family
bereavement care for more than a year after
a loved one's death, as well as the community
at large. At Good Sam, our mission is that no one
walks the journey alone.
Scotti Hartman, CFRE
Vice President of Business
Development, Good Samaritan
www.GoodSam care
Q: What are my Medicare coverage
A: There are two main ways to acquire Medicare
coverage. You can choose original Medicare and
add a Medicare Supplement Plan (also known as
a Medigap) or you can pick a Medicare Advantage
Plan that fits your needs. The Annual Enrollment
Period begins October 15th and runs through
December 7th every year. This is the best time
to enroll in or change plans. However, you may
qualify to enroll in or change plans at other
times of the year due to special circumstances.
Contact your Humana agent for further info.
Whitney Hosey
Humana MarketPoint - Licensed Agent
Q: I really like my specialist (cardiologist,
oncologist, etc.) Can I keep seeing him/her
after I join PACE?
A: InnovAge PACE has a network of medical specialists
in each community. If your specialist is
already in the InnovAge network, you may be able
to see the same specialist. If the care is approved
by your medical team, but your specialist is not in
the InnovAge network, InnovAge will coordinate
your care with an in-network specialist. Our PACE
clinics arrange all specialty medical appointments
with transportation for participants. If a
family member or a friend is unable to go with
you, a member of your care team can accompany
you. All medical care will be coordinated through
a customized approach at the local InnovAge
PACE center. The doctors and many members of
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