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the medical team are experts in senior healthcare
and are dedicated to giving personalized
care to each participant. You can read about the
program at
Eric Beasley
Senior Director of Business
InnovAge Virginia PACE
540 682 9440
Q: When is the right age to move to a Life
Plan Community?
A: The optimal age to move into a Life Plan
Community, like Kendal at Lexington, varies
based on health, finances and personal preferences.
Generally, individuals often consider
moving in their 70s or early 80s when they are
relatively healthy and can fully enjoy the community's
amenities and social activities. You can
move into Kendal at Lexington as early as 65.
Moving earlier allows for greater access to the
continuum of care services as needs change.
Erica Turman
Director of Marketing and Sales
Kendal at Lexington
Q: What is a Life Care Coordinator?
A: A Life Care Coordinator is an educated and
experienced professional with a specialized
focus on issues related to aging and elder care
who can assist aging adults and their families
in attaining their maximum functional potential.
Life Care Coordinators are able to address a
broad range of issues related to the well-being of
aging adults. They also have extensive knowledge
about the costs, quality, and availability of
resources in their communities.
April Jones
CEO and Life Care Coordinator
Life Care Coordinators
Q: What happens to the unsold items from
an auction or estate sale?
A: This is a question we address with the seller
at the beginning of our planning process. We can
arrange for a buy-out or donation to a non-profit.
We can also arrange for light housekeeping services
after all items have been removed.
Mountain City Realty & Auction,
LLC, Broker/Auctioneer;
Q: What happens when every day is
A: When you're retired, every day can feel like
Saturday. With more time for shopping, hobbies
and leisure activities, will your retirement income
be adequate to support your retirement lifestyle?
A Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity* from
New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation
(A Delaware Corporation) can help generate
income for any day of the week.
*New York Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity is issued
by New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation, a wholly
owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, 51
Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Product available in
jurisdictions where approved. Guarantee is based on the claims
paying ability of the issuer.
For most jurisdictions, the policy form numbers for the
Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity is: 211-P100. State variations
may apply.
J. Len Hale
New York Life Insurance Company
P. 540-983-0120, F. 540-983-0126
Q: Why choose Oakey's for Advance
A: At Oakey's when you speak with someone
about advance planning, you are speaking with
an Oakey's employee who lives and works in the
Roanoke Valley. Our licensed staff has ties to the
community and understands your needs. We also
are able to assist you when you have questions or
changes that need to be made.
Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful
and practical decision to make for your family.
Whether you prefer a traditional service, contemporary
service or cremation service you should
put those requests in writing. This will allow you
to be remembered in a very specific and special
way. Your requests are important to your family
members and it will give them peace of mind
to know that they have carried out your wishes.
In addition, your family members won't have to
speculate about what you may have wanted. They
can more clearly focus on the celebration of your
Advance Planning:
Lorraine Cunningham, Vice President
Oakey Service Company
800-638-0710 or locally at
Q: What options are available for
Cremation Burial?
A: You may be interred in a regular burial space,
Sherwood allows up to two cremation burials or
a full burial and a cremation burial in each space.
Niches come with stone or glass fronts and allow
you to be creative when honoring your loved one!
Susan Mini, President/CEO
Sherwood Memorial Park
Q: What should you look for in an active
Life Plan Community?
A: When considering a Life Plan Community, it
is important to learn how the lifestyle programming
is implemented throughout the community.
The day-to-day programs, services and experiences
should be unified and well-coordinated
so residents can thrive in the various aspects of
daily living. Key to this is innovative wellness
and fitness programs working in partnership with
38 / RETIRE-VA 2024
therapy services to help facilitate functional
independence. This, coupled with engaging
social, spiritual and vocational opportunities, sets
the stage for an abundant and purposeful lifestyle
experience. Our communities do this, and
Sunnyside has been recognized both nationally
and internationally for its whole-person wellness
focus, and named a top 5 " Best in Wellness " in
North America by the International Council on
Active Aging.
Josh Lyons, President & CEO
Sunnyside Communities
Q: What does it mean when a retirement
community offers Life Care?
A: Life Care at The Glebe means residency,
services and care for life - and all under one
roof. Residents contract in advance for an
apartment or cottage, enjoy community-based
amenities and services, such as a pool, fitness
center, award-winning dining options, art studio,
woodworking shop and have access to onsite
long-term care as physical and cognitive needs
change. As care needs arise, residents remain
on-site, close to friends and neighbors, and move
between Independent Living, Assisted Living,
Memory Care and Nursing Care at The Glebe.
With a Life Care contract monthly fees stay
the same as care and service levels increase.
When residents move to Assisted Living, Memory
Care or Nursing Care, the only additional charge
is for two extra meals per day and any ancillary
costs such as medical supplies and pharmacy
services. While monthly fees don't increase as
care needs increase, the monthly fee continues
to be subject to an annual increase.
Life Care helps shield residents from spiraling
long-term care costs and provides the assurance
that they'll always receive the care they need
at The Glebe - even if they outlive their financial
Shelli Schinkus, Director of Sales and
The Glebe
Q: What do we mean by a wellness-centered
A: At the core of who we are is our mission to
serve a diverse community of seniors with an
innovative mix of programs and services. We
pride ourselves on a robust wellness program
offering fitness and preventive health management
classes that keep seniors healthy and
poised for an active retirement. This is complemented
by our natural surroundings providing
walking trails, recreational outings/spaces
and time in the great outdoors. Our healthcare
residences follow suit by focusing on personal
choice and individualized approaches to care in
a home-like setting where the natural beauty of
our campus floods through every window.
Tambra Dixon
Director of Marketing & Development
Warm Hearth Village

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