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Too Good - Lesson 7: Understanding the Safe Use of Prescription & OTC Medicines

Careless Charlee and Her Magnificent Machine
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" I'm Harvey Heart. I pump blood throughout your
body. I'm important, too. Bobby Brain may give
the orders, but without the oxygen I send him,
he wouldn't even be able to think! "



Left Lung Chorus: Zoom-zee, zoom-zee.



Right Lung Chorus: Breathe free, breathe free.

Charlee put the pills in her mouth.

Organ Chorus: Don't do it, Charlee!

" Oh, leave me alone. One or two of these won't hurt
me, " said Charlee. " They look like candy. "
Organ Chorus: No!

" Now who's talking? " said Charlee.

" Too late, guys! " Charlee said.

" I am Lucy Lung. This is my twin, Larry Lung. We work
together. We work with Harvey Heart to supply good,
clean oxygen that helps Bobby Brain do his work. "

After a while, strange things began to happen
to Charlee and her magnificent machine.

" Harvey Heart sends us blood and we fill it with oxygen
and send it back. Then he pumps it all around. We are
like your machine's air handling system. If our system
shuts down, your machine cannot function. "

" I feel dizzy, " said Bobby Brain. " I'm so confused.
Where am I? I am not doing well at all. "


" I'm speeding up so fast, " said Harvey Heart. " I'm
really shaking. I'm out of control. I feel like I'm having
a major attack! "

Liver Chorus: Rub it, scrub it, just don't flub it.

" And who are you? " asks Charlee.
" I'm Linda Liver. I'm located on your right side just
beneath your rib cage. I clean and filter your blood
when anything bad gets into it. "

Stomach Chorus: Growl and grumble, mix
and tumble.

" How many more of you are there? " Charlee asks.
" I am Stacey Stomach. I'm located on the left side
of your body just beneath your rib cage. I break
down everything you eat and drink. I mix it around
and then I digest it. "
" Okay, okay, that's great, " Charlee said, " but why
are you all speaking to me? "




Brain Chorus: Can't think, can't think.

Heart Chorus: Boom-doom! Boom-doom!

Left Lung Chorus: No air! No air!

" I'm getting tired now, " said Lucy Lung. " I'm working
too hard. "

Right Lung Chorus: No fair! No fair!

" And I'm feeling kind of flat, " said Larry Right Lung.
" I think I'm running out of air! "
" Whoa! What's this pink stuff? " asks Linda Liver.
" I'm trying, but I can't handle all this junk. It's really
a mess down here. I can't keep Charlee's magnificent
machine clean! "

Liver Chorus: Flub it, flub it, I'm gonna flub it.

" We want to warn you about swallowing those pills "
said Bobby Brain. " You don't even know what
they are. Stop and think! You could wreck your
magnificent body! "

" I don't feel so good, " said Stacey Stomach. " Oh, no!
Not that! Please no...! "

Charlee starts to take the pills anyway.

All of this happened because Charlee didn't stop
and think!

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Stomach Chorus: Yick, yack, yuck!



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