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OUR BRAND STORY OUR CARS AND TRUCKS ARE AN EXTENSION OF OURSELVES. They get us to work. They get our kids to soccer practice. They haul our stuff. Sometimes it feels like our whole lives are on four wheels. Our vehicles keep us moving, and the auto care industry keeps our vehicles moving - maintaining, repairing and upgrading the 254 million cars and trucks on the road today. Together we form a coast-to-coast network: 500,000 independent manufacturers, distributors, parts stores and repair shops that represent the idea that every driver should decide for themselves where to go for car care, even if it means their own driveway or garage. We aren't dedicated to one kind of vehicle - we're dedicated to every vehicle, including yours.   We're in an era when two-thirds of people will drive their vehicle until the day it quits, so we never do - working relentlessly to provide parts and service designed to last longer, perform better and keep you safer. And we make sure you are as up-to-date on vehicle technology as we are, through our industry-wide Be Car Care Aware consumer education campaign. It offers free access to the latest customized repair schedules and maintenance information for every brand of vehicle out there. With its quality, convenience and choices, the auto care industry keeps our cars moving, so we can keep our lives moving - whichever way we choose to go. AUTO CARE INSIDER | VOL. 87 3

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Auto Care Insider Volume 87