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a new Changes in our industry and culture have provided the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association - and the members we represent - the unique opportunity to strengthen our image and better communicate our value. The independence and choice that we offer in auto care is an essential part of life for American motorists, and the industry deserves an identity that reflects that impact. Two key insights illustrate the opportunity for change: First, research shows that "aftermarket" creates a negative perception across our audience segments. Second, opinion leaders, lawmakers and consumers will respond more positively to our story when they see a connection to their personal values in our communications. To take advantage of these insights, we are taking on a new name: The Auto Care Association. 4 AUTO CARE INSIDER | VOL. 87 All of us who make up the automotive aftermarket welcome the brand change. We've all tried to explain to friends, family, business associates and even state and federal legislators, just what the "aftermarket" really encompassed. What it really is can be clearly defined as the auto care industry. We are the Auto Care Association. Simply, but very well, stated. TIM LEE, Chairman and CEO, Lang Distributing, Inc.

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Auto Care Insider Volume 87