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AUTO CARE INSIDER toolbox TECHNOLOGY "Technology" is one of those buzzwords that just never seem to go away. No matter how hard we try to keep up with the times, something newer, faster and better is always just over the horizon. But like it or not, advances in technology continue to offer business solutions and enhance our daily lives. Here are some tips on how to use technology to increase your productivity, both in the office and on the go, and a report on tech trends that are currently affecting your business strategies. TECH TIPS TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AT THE OFFICE Improving productivity is easier than you think. Here we show you how to use tech to reduce distractions and stay productive throughout the work day. Track Your Emails Firefox/Chrome users can install an add-on that seamlessly integrates with Gmail for tracking. All you need to do is click the tracking button when you send an email. Check out Bananatag ( and RightInbox (rightinbox. com) - both let you track when your mail was opened as well as when and how many times an embedded link was clicked. You can also track your email by using free tracking services like whoreadme. com or that require you to add a code before sending. Once the mail is opened, you will get a notification mail along with details like how long the mail was read, IP address and browser. Force Yourself to Take a Break Windows users can download and install programs such as Eyeleo (http://eyeleo. com) which forces you to take a short break every 10 minutes along with suggestions for eye exercises to help reduce eye strain caused by excessive use of computer monitors. For long breaks, it automatically dims your screen and you can set rules that lock the computer down. Mac users can get similar functionality from apps such as Time out Free and AntiRSI ( There are also browserbased services like - you can choose to be alerted about a 20-second break every 20 minutes or a five-minute break every hour. Enhance Your Inbox Swizzle (theswizzle. com) makes it easy to sort marketing mails and streamline your email inbox. It will show AUTO CARE INSIDER | VOL. 88 11

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Auto Care Insider Volume 88